Picky Eater

When I was young I was the pickiest eater! I are ramen noodles, microwavable pizza, hot pockets or eggs for dinner every time I didn’t want to eat what the rest of the family was eating. I don’t want to have to have to play that game with my kids! And I can already see that Lucille is just like me!

Not only does she not like trying new foods, but her list of acceptable foods grows shorter every day. I don’t blame her for being sick of yogurt after having it almost every day for 6 months but this leaves me with the following foods that she will eat: peanut butter and jelly, baked beans, sometimes oatmeal, sometimes squash… she likes lots of junk food like popcorn and goldfish crackers but I can’t turn those into meals…

I really, truly believed before I had kids that if you just put all sorts of strange foods in front of them when they’re young they’ll eat them. Then when they’re older they’ll be used to eating whatever is given to them and have minimal complaints. My gosh, I was naive.


There is no real point to this post except to say the struggle is real. I continue to encourage Lucille to try everything we eat. Occasionally she surprise me, but for the most part, she hasn’t tried any of these new recipes I’ve made.

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