More Unpleasant Doctor Visits

Last week I brought Lucille to have her blood drawn, a more accurate lead test than the finger prick we did 2 weeks prior to that. And great news, after weeks of worry, it turns out the first test was inaccurate. This test came back with results under a 3! Important tip from my doctor regarding the finger prick test: make sure your child’s hands are washed thoroughly first! My nurse skipped that step and my doctor believes that had a lot to do with our scare!

When Lucille got her blood drawn she also needed her 2nd hep a shot. They didn’t have her vaccine ready because it was marked in her medical record that she had received it 2 weeks earlier. Fortunately they believed me when I told them she puked after they got the shot ready and it was never actually given to her. But it got me nervous. My kid was walking around with half a vaccine in her system and according to her records, she was fully vaccinated. Half a vaccine is more dangerous than no vaccine at all. I depend on my children’s medical records to tell me what they have and have not received. The vaccines… they don’t make a lot of sense to me. I don’t know which ones need to be given when, which ones need to be given multiple times, etc. Since this experience I’ve decided I will be writing down everything my children receive and comparing it with the medical printouts they give me.

And the final medical knowledge I have gained these past few weeks is that when you hyperventilate scary stuff happens. The Friday before Easter I got the stomach flu really bad. I was getting sick so badly that I couldn’t breathe. And then my arms and legs went completely numb. I couldn’t move them at all! My tongue swelled up and I could barely talk. I thought I was dying. Peter called the ambulance because he couldn’t move me to get me to the hospital. And then when I realized that I couldn’t move just because I was hyperventilating, I felt like an idiot. So I thought I’d let people know about this time but of information because all the doctors and nurses acted like it was general knowledge, but not one person I’ve told this to that doesn’t work in the health field has known about it.

Anyways, we’re all happy and healthy now. I don’t have any pictures of our doctor experiences but here are pictures of the kids from yesterday… just chillin at home being lazy!



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