Monthly Archives: May 2016

When Life Gets In The Way

For a few months I was proud of myself for consistently doing 2 posts a week. And as soon as I let it slide one week, I seemed to have just stopped! So, I’m admitting defeat the past month or so and we’re starting all over again.

With the nice weather the kids and I have been more active, going on lots of play dates, taking walks, etc. It’s the busy time of year for the radio station too. And I started selling perfectly posh products. I expect things will remain quite busy for several months but I want to make sure I continue to share our journey. Here are a few developments since I last wrote:

Lucille has a new favorite food. Cheese top. This is a term she coined meaning the cheese melted on top of other food. The other day she kept demanding cheese top and our dinner plan didn’t involve any melted cheese. Peter made her an open faced cheese quesadilla. She was so excited!! Hopefully we can keep this as an occasional treat.


Lucille has been showing interest in potty training for a while. The other day we all spent about half an hour in the bathroom while she peed. Once we came back down stairs she kept screaming potty. Her toilet seat looks like a ducky and I figured she just wanted to play with it. So I brought it down and figured her sitting in it while she watches a show would be good practice and get her used to the seat. Well, my dog had to go potty as well. I took her out for 3 minutes… I came in and found Lucille peed in her potty again. Great, right? Not so much. Her and Lennon were splashing in it! This led to their first ever bath together. Lucille is very playful in the tub so it was a bit overwhelming for Lennon but they had fun!


My beautiful and talented cousin Jenny owns whimsy roots photography and did our family picture Monday. I mentioned we’re working on potty training… well, when mommy and daddy weren’t watching Lucille took her diaper off. 10 minutes into our photo shoot Peter realized our daughter was going commando… it would have been a very embarrassing moment had the photographer not been my cousin! Also, she stole my pearls and I had to pick out a new necklace to wear… I had to admit my pearls looked adorable with her dress!


Lennon is moving and talking and getting so big! He is the most stubborn little momma’s boy I’ve ever met. When he wants something in particular, nothing else will do. And usually that particular thing is mommy’s attention. Huge, exciting news regarding sleep progress though!! Last night, for the first time EVER he slept through the night in his crib!! I am really hoping this is a new trend! Wish us luck!

This is Lennon’s first spring and he loves it. He loves crawling in the grass, picking dandelions and pulling himself up on anything he can find. His mood typically improves as soon as I can get some sunshine on his face. Mommy’s mood does too.


Cuban Missile Crisis (Peter’s Drink Invention)

To say things have been crazy around here lately would be a monumental understatement. We have been so busy, but we’ve also been having a lot of fun and getting a lot of work done! As the weather gets nicer I expect life will become even more chaotic, but I truly can’t wait!

Summer time means longer days and sometimes after a long day I need to just have a drink and watch a little Netflix with Peter. Recently Peter made a concoction for me that he hoped would taste similar to a White Russian, one of my favorite drinks. He named it the Cuban Missile Crisis and I was so impressed with it I thought I should share it so that others can enjoy this tasty treat as they unwind.


  • 1-2 shots of Bacardi
  • 2 shots of Bailey’s
  • 4 shots of whole milk

Shake and pour in a small glass over 3-4 ice cubes. Stir in 2 tsp of chocolate syrup. Enjoy!