Peter and Bea

I mentioned a few posts ago that my very talented cousin and her husband of whimsy roots photography did a family photo shoot with us. They¬†got many lovely pictures of our whole family, which amazed me because Lennon was such a crank the whole photo shoot!! (He fell asleep in the car before we started taking pictures. He rarely naps… but when he does, it’s best NOT to interrupt him.)
With father’s day coming up I wanted to share some pictures Jenny and Brock got of Lucille and Peter playing. Like always, Peter did such a great job entertaining her while I tended to my little mommy’s boy.
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In case you can’t tell, my daughter adores her daddy. (Lennon does too, but he also clings to mommy when he’s upset, as he was that night.) I fully admit that Peter is better at being the fun parent. He is carefree and when he plays with our kids he clears all other stresses and worries from his mind. He devotes all his attention to being goofy with them for as long as they’ll allow him to be. He acts like a child himself and laughs right along with the kids. Watching him play with our children makes me fall in love with him over and over again.
He loves them so completely. And I can see him melt every time Lucille hugs or kisses him and every time Lennon reaches for him. I know he’d do anything for them. I know he does do everything for them. He works hard to provide for them and when he’s not working he spends all his time enjoying their company.
I couldn’t have picked a better, more caring or selfless father for my children. I am so happy that he is my partner in this crazy journey called parenthood. And I’m so happy he is the primary example my children have of what a man should be. I hope they grow up to be just like him. Strong but gentle. Practical but fun. And loving above all else!

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