Naming Lennon Wallace

It’s only fair that I do a post about how Lennon came to be named, since I did one for his sister. However, boy names proved to be much more difficult for us… Here’s some names we discussed.


Trey: I love this name. I know it can be a standalone name, but something about it seems more nicknamey to me. Maybe because I know a lot of the men that go by Trey are actually “the third”. Though we love Trey, we didn’t love a longer version and as a standalone it just didn’t feel right.


Wilson: If you read my post about Lucille’s name, you know I’m a huge name nerd. So Peter and I have been talking baby names since shortly after we started dating. We used to love the name Wilson. Actually, we still love the name Wilson. However, 4 months before we got married I started working at a new company and befriended someone who has Wilson as a last name. I’m fine with last names as first names, but I don’t like them if I’m close to someone with the last name…


Dylan: We both love Dylan! But we’re both weird people who form assocations with names and can’t overcome them. We’ve both known a Dylan. Neither of us were close to anyone with this name, neither of us had strongly positive or negative feelings regarding the people we knew. But it didn’t seem like our kid because we both pictured the Dylan we knew. About a month ago we named our cat that instead.


Theodore: I love the name Theodore. I love the nickname Theo and both Ted and Teddy have grown on me in recent years too. I suggested this name to Peter and he seemed hesitant. I thought in time he’d grow to love it… instead he grew to dislike it more and more. Theodore will probably forever be my favorite name that I will never use.


Franklin: We love Franklin, we love Frankie, we aren’t crazy about Frank. And I feel like he’d want to go by Frank when he’s older and sees Frankie as childish. While pregnant with Lennon we learned Peter’s grandfather’s middle name was Franklin. I thought this would make Peter want to use it after all, but he still didn’t think it felt right. And I agreed.


Crosby: I fell in love with this name watching Parenthood and Peter loved it instantly too. But it doesn’t sound great with our last name. And we weren’t sure it would age well. Sure, on Parenthood it was the name of a grown man, but a grown man who owned a recording studio, lived in the moment and didn’t stress about many adult responsibilities. My son may not be the same personality type and it might not fit a driven lawyer type as well. (Wouldn’t it be great if we could see the kind of people out babies were going to turn into when naming them?)

So there’s our list. With Lucille’s list, they were all very much top contenders for her name. We went back and forth for weeks with each name on the list. This list though, not so much. They were ideas we threw around but none stuck more than 5 minutes… boy names are hard!


So how’d we fall for the name Lennon?

More than 3 years before Lennon was born I was working at a festival and met a little boy named Lennon. I thought it was a sweet name and told Peter when I came home. He immediately wanted it to be our future son’s name. Peter plays guitar and is a big fan of John Lennon. Additionally Peter’s grandfather’s name was Glenn, so he loved that Lennon sounded similar, while still giving our son his own name. And he loved it’s Gaelic roots, as Peter’s ancestors are from Ireland and Scotland.

I loved it for all the reasons Peter loved the name. I loved seeing how excited he got about the name. I later realized it’s also similar to Leona, the name of my great grandmother and the middle name of my grandmother (Beatrice, the one Lucille is named after). I also discovered it’s meaning in Scotland is little dear/ sweetheart… basically a term of endearment for a small child. I love this as Lennon is the snuggliest little love I’ve ever met. And to me he will always be a little sweetheart and my baby.

His middle name Wallace is Peter’s mother’s middle name. We wanted to honor Peter’s grandfather but obviously didn’t want to name our child Lennon Glenn, so we chose his surname. It still honors Glenn but now it also honors Peter’s mother, grandmother, aunt’s, uncles, and cousins.

Since having Lennon I’ve had to do a lot of digging to come up with boy name possibilities for if baby #3 is another boy. I think we’ve found some good ones, but I’ll wait to release that list. 😉

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