Trick or Treating!

Halloween this year was a blast! Lucille went with Peter’s mom and trick or treated at a few houses last year… but this was our first time taking the kids trick or treating ourselves. I was a little lazy with the costumes, but that doesn’t matter because we had so much fun.

I love group costumes (see last year’s list of possibilities here) but this year I wanted to dress the kids after their namesakes: Lucille Ball and John Lennon. I bought an orange wig for Lulu, but then I (irrationally?) felt mean dressing them in costumes for my amusement instead of one’s they’d love. Lucille is obsessed with butterflies and Lennon is obsessed with birds so that’s what we went with.


Rio is a favorite movie in our house. Lennon’s costume looks like Blu from the movie so he spent the whole night singing the theme song. Lucille wasn’t as thrilled to be a butterfly as I had hoped, I think she was distracted by all the excitement of friends and candy.

We brought our wagon trick or treating and I assumed Lennon would stay in it the whole time. This was not the case. He was just as into trick or treating as his 9, 6 and 4 year old cousins. He got impatient if we didn’t move to the next house quickly enough. And he didn’t want to be carried to the doors but needed to walk, so we all had to take turns holding his hand and waddling down the sidewalks with him.


Most the candy they got is not appropriate for their ages. But Lucille knows there is candy in the house. She keeps yelling for her “bucket.” So I think I’m heading to the store for clearance Halloween candy to replace all the overly chewy stuff I don’t want them to have. Thinking maybe I can start using this candy to get some consistency with potty training….


Growing up I went trick or treating with my siblings and my cousins every year, so I was really excited for my kids to do the same this year. I hope we have many years of cousin trick or treating in our future. And no, I don’t have pictures with all the cousins…. the kids move too fast on Halloween it’s a wonder I got any pictures at all!

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