Name of the Day: Fay

Meaning: Fairy. (How sweet and whimsical.)

Origins: Supposedly was first introduced in Arthurian legends with a powerful sorceress Morgan le Fay. Another possible origin is the words faith and fate.

Irish clan: The Fey family is known to be able to communicate with the spirit world.

Don’t all these combine to make it a name filled with magic and wonder?

Famous Bearers include Fay Weldon, a very accomplished writer. Also Fay Wray, best known as Ann in King Kong.

Fay is also Charlie’s neighbor in Flowers for Algernon.

Since my husband and I have started discussing a “name of the day” Fay is the only name he’s given a hard no to. (He approved the first name to be added to our list, and the 3 since then he has said he likes but not as much as the names on our list. He found two intriguing enough that we hope to have pets named Sigmund and Dermot someday.) He dislikes it because he knew a Fay he doesn’t have positive feelings about. And honestly, as much as I adore this name I don’t think I could use it anyway. I love lots of single syllable names, but I like saying more… if that makes sense. So I don’t think any of my kids could ever have a single syllable name… so, be on the lookout for future names of the day featuring Fay as a nickname.

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