Name of the Day: Agatha

Agatha means “good”, simple but sweet meaning. I love this name and nicknames Aggie and Aga. Now for the history of Agathas.

Though I haven’t read any of her books my first association is Agatha Christie. I should say Dame Agatha Christie, she was made such in 1971 for her contribution to literature. Her books must be good because shes the best sellijg novelist of all time. You go girl!

Another impressive Agatha: Agatha Barbara. She was the first female President of Malta as well as the longest standing female member of Parliament and the founder of the Women’s Political Movement in Malta. She served multiple terms as education minister, in which time she made full time school mandatory for children, started schools for the disabled and teacher training programs, made science class available to both sexes and made secondary school free. Later as minister of labor, culture and welfare she improved working conditions and the unemployment rate. She also passed laws ensuring women get paid the same as men, workers were expected to work 40 hours a week and women got paid maternity leave. This woman is my new hero.

In fiction Agatha Trunchbull is a terrible character in a fantastic book by an even more fantastic author. Of course im talking about Matilda by Roald Dahl. Agatha is also a minor character in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, another favorite book of mine. (I have a lot of favorites.)

Agatha is also a saint, fashion designer, former member of parliament in India, and more. It’s an extraordinarily strong name that I think would be perfect for all stages of life.

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