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Name of the Day: Teodor

If you’ve read my post about naming Lennon you know Theodore is one of my all time favorite boy names. Probably my #1. And I’ve always thought I’d look back on Theodore as the name that got away.

But recently I found Teodor and omg!!! Heart eyes!! I love it even more! I fully admit that I’m concerned it’s too similar to Theodore. Theodore is so recognizable in this country I’m afraid people would see Teodor and think it was a typo… but aahh! I love it! It’s the form of Theodore common in Sweden, Norway and lots of other eastern European countries. Being a version of Theodore it still means gift of God. Which I love.

Though Teodor may be uncommon in the US, it appears to be quite common elsewhere. Click here to see Wikipedias list of all the athletes, politicians and artists named Teodor internationally.

Would you believe it if I said I didn’t find this name while researching Theodore, due to it being my favorite name and all? I actually found it because I wanted to see what names had “name day” on the day Peter and I met. 3 countries celebrate Teodor on October 23.

For Theodore I love the nickname Theo. But guess what? I love Teo even more. And Ted and Teddy are still options for nicknames. But I love Teo!

Update: I have pitched the name to my husband. When he rejected Theodore repeatedly his complaints were that it’s the name of a chipmunk (eyeroll) and he didn’t like the “Th” sound in the beginning. He loves this name. He definitely shares my concern about confusion with “Theodore”.  This is a conversation that will be revisited often. I’m sure Peter is dreading it already.

Name of the Day: Aurelia

Aurelia is an Ancient Roman name meaning golden. Perfect for a daughter with golden hair, or in my opinion, one without. But if she does have golden hair, the nickname Goldie could work really well!

Another nickname I love is Aurla. I LOVE the name Orla, but I also am concerned about people rearranging the letters to Oral… Aurla= the perfect solution!

Lia is another nickname that I don’t love quite as much. But I like to have it as an option in case baby #3 decides to be a drama queen and say “why don’t I have an L name like my sister and brother? Was I adopted? I feel so left out!” I can say, “oh for heaven’s sake, we’ll call you Lia! Now leave me alone!” Just kidding… I’ll be kind about it. 😉 Tons of other nicknames can be made for Aurelia, but at the current moment, these are my top 3.

I first heard the name Aurelia in the movie Love Actually. In fact, Aurelia and Jamie’s story was my favorite story in an all around great movie. I mention this association with the movie because recently I was thinking of the reasons we selected Lucille and Lennon’s names. We love them because of their sound, associations and definitions. But most of all the name Lucille has always just made me feel extremely happy! And the name Lennon made me think of peace. And I thought, baby #3 should have name that I overwhelmingly associate with love. Peace, love, happiness! But I couldn’t think of such a name.

The other day I saw Aurelia, a name I’ve seen a million times before. I’ve always thought, that’s such a pretty name but all I can think of is love actually. And it’s a totally great story, that my husband surprisingly loved too when I made him watch it. But I just felt like it was corny to chose a name I only associate with a romantic comedy. But this time when I stumbled upon it, it felt perfect!

Aurelia is the name of a saint and also a famous mother. X 3. The mother of Julius Caesar, Sylvia Plath and Arnold Schwarzenegger. I think it was 3 different Aurelias… haha!

Name of the Day: Nerissa

Nerissa was invented by William Shakespeare for his play “The Merchant of Venice”. He took it from the Greek word, Neries, meaning nymph or sea sprite or the Greek God of the sea, Nereus. For me, being Shakespearean and connecting to the Sea is enough! No need to dig further. But if you need more convincing…

There is also a Filipino politician named Nerissa Corazon Soon-Ruiz. A cousin of Queen Elizabth II is also named Nerissa. If it’s good enough for royalty, it’s good enough for me!

Last, I LOVE the nicknames Riss, Rissa, Ness or Nessa.

Name of the Day: Rufus

Rufus means red head, which is significant to us because though none of us have red hair, Peter’s Grandpa does. In fact most who knew Peter’s Grandpa only knew him as Red, had no clue what his real name was. I also have several cousins with red hair. So, it’s very possible baby #3 could have red hair. And even if he or she doesn’t, it’s anice way to honor the red heads we love.

I knew Rufus was an old name, but I did not expect to find as much history on this name as I did.

Musical: I knew of Rufus Wainwright, thinking of him brings me back to my days working at the college radio station, so I consider this a very positive association. However, I hadn’t associated it Rufus Thomas Jr, a soul singer or Rufus Reid, a jazz bassist.

Religion: I found 10 Saint Rufus’ from my limited research on the name. 1 of the 10 had their feast day on mine and Peter’s anniversary.

Literature: James Rufus Agee is a Pulitzer Prize winner. Sadly he didn’t win the award until after his death as he died in his 40s. Rufus is also a character in George Eliot’s Felix Holt The Radical.

Performing Arts: Rufus Sewell is a modern day actor. Going back a little further, Groucho Marx played Rufus Firefly in “Duck Soup”.

Politics: Rufus Putnam was a general in the Revolutionary War. Additionally, King William II was nicknamed Rufus due to his red hair and beat red face. Holy cow, was that a man a character!

Lastly, I like Rufus because when he’s a baby, I would definitely call him Roo. I’m sure he’ll tell me to knock it off by the time he enters Kindergarten.

Name of the Day: Fay

Meaning: Fairy. (How sweet and whimsical.)

Origins: Supposedly was first introduced in Arthurian legends with a powerful sorceress Morgan le Fay. Another possible origin is the words faith and fate.

Irish clan: The Fey family is known to be able to communicate with the spirit world.

Don’t all these combine to make it a name filled with magic and wonder?

Famous Bearers include Fay Weldon, a very accomplished writer. Also Fay Wray, best known as Ann in King Kong.

Fay is also Charlie’s neighbor in Flowers for Algernon.

Since my husband and I have started discussing a “name of the day” Fay is the only name he’s given a hard no to. (He approved the first name to be added to our list, and the 3 since then he has said he likes but not as much as the names on our list. He found two intriguing enough that we hope to have pets named Sigmund and Dermot someday.) He dislikes it because he knew a Fay he doesn’t have positive feelings about. And honestly, as much as I adore this name I don’t think I could use it anyway. I love lots of single syllable names, but I like saying more… if that makes sense. So I don’t think any of my kids could ever have a single syllable name… so, be on the lookout for future names of the day featuring Fay as a nickname.

Name of the Day: Dermot

Meaning: Without envy. I’m obsessed with this meaning. What a beautiful thought. If everyone could rid their lives of envy, how happy they would be!

This name is an anglicized version of Diarmuid and Dairmaid.

Diarmuid Ua Duibhe is pretty much the coolest mythological character I’ve ever hear of. In Irish mythology a lover put a spot on his forehead that when women looked at it they fell in love with him.

In one story he showed kindness to an ugly stranger on a cold winter’s night when nobody else would. She of course turned out to be a beautiful princess and they fell in love. But he wronged her, lost her and deeply regretted it. He went searching for her and when he found her she was dying. He saved her life, knowing that by saving her, he would lose his affections for her.

In another tale he fell in love with a young woman who was supposed to marry a friend of his, Fionn. Fionn was old enough to be the lady’s grandfather and she wanted nothing to do with this arranged marriage. Several of Diarmuid’s friends offered to help them escape so Grainne wouldn’t have to marry the man, but D wouldn’t accept their help and put them in danger. They escaped anyways and lived for years without contact with their old friends and family, raising 5 children. When G convinced D to go on a trip with his old friends, including F, he never returned. He died, and though F had the power to heal him he did not.

These are obviously the very very shortened versions of the tales, I encourage you to read more about them!

Dairmaid the Just is a Catholic saint who moved to an isolated island to free himself of distraction. He was a writer and a poet and he soon attracted disciples who were eager to have him as a teacher. He started a school on the island, and 7 churches were also built.

Cool name, yes?

Name of the Day: Sonya

Meaning: Wisdom

Famous Bearers: Sonia is the birth name of Shari Lewis. Lambchop’s Play Along was my very very very favorite show as a child. My mom watched Shari Lewis when she was a child too. I have very fond memories of watching and listening to all sorts of Shari Lewis specials with my mom.

In literature: Sonya Rostova in War and Peace

Lastly, I’m obsessed with the nickname Sonny or Sunny! You will be seeing more names that allow the nickname Sonny or Sunny in the future.


Name of the Day: Sigmund

As you may already know: I’m obsessed with names.  Recently my hubby and I have started a new game to satisfy this obsession. Every day I select a new name, one that isn’t on our list of possible names for future baby #3 and try to “sell” it to him. It’s a lot of fun because I get to do a lot of digging into the meaning behind the name, famous bearers of the name…. I know, I’m a total dork to find this entertaining. But I do! So, in case anyone else does too, I decided to start sharing my Name of the Day on the blog.

Name: Sigmund

Pronunciation: SIG-Mund in English or ZEEK-Muwnt in German

Meaning: Victory Protector

Famous Bearers: Sigmund Freud and a Norse Mythology hero

Why I Love It:

  • 1st of all, I love that it’s an old German name. My family is mostly from Germany and I want to love German names but many I find much to harsh.
  • Typically I don’t like when names have multiple pronunciations. However, I LOVE both pronunciations of this name. And, since we live in an area with almost nobody of German descent, I know that nobody would use the German pronunciation. But I’m glad that pronunciation exists because if our son had this name, I would use it for the fun of it around the house.
  • I love the nickname Ziggy
  • Obviously the name is very associated with Freud, so associated that I originally thought it was unusable. But upon further consideration, I think it’s a strong, smart and positive association. Though I don’t agree with all Freud’s theories, he is responsible for many psychological advancements. His devotion to the field of psychology has lead many others to work within the industry and this has helped so very many people!
  • Sigmund was also a hero in Norse mythology, totally bad ass! And was in Beowulf, so bonus points for being a literary name.
  • Sigmund is one of the members of the Jackson 5, who doesn’t love the Jackson 5?