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16 Month Age Gap: Months 3-6

These past 3 months have brought many new joys and many new struggles into our lives. (To read about my journey up to this point click here for my pregnancy recap and here for Lennon’s first 3 months.)Let’s get the struggles out of the way first…


Jealousy Crept In

That’s right. My biggest joy in raising 2 babies so close in age was that Lucille was not at a jealous age. Well, at about 19 months old Lucille got a terrible cold. In fact, Mommy, Daddy, Lucille and Lennon all got terrible colds. The babies needed extra snuggles and as I’m usually the only one home with them, it was hard to distribute snuggles in the desired amount.

When I would go to pick Lennon up, Lucille would start to scream, she didn’t use words just shrieked at the top of her lungs, and sometimes even hit me!¬†Though I didn’t like this behavior, I understand that kids tend to not act like themselves when sick. Unfortunately, once the cold symptoms were gone, this behavior didn’t leave with them. When Lucille wanted my attention and she saw me going towards the baby, she would freak out. Sometimes, even if she was playing independently she would get upset when she noticed me approaching him.

Though this behavior broke my heart, it could have been much worse. She thankfully never took these frustrations out on the baby and still acted only lovingly to him directly. (Don’t ask me why, it seems strange.) And though this phase lasted longer than I would have liked, it has proven to be a phase. The past couple weeks she has been understanding of the time mommy spends with Lennon once again.

Let The Playing Begin

Now that Lennon isn’t quite the newborn he used to be, Lucille has decided he is the perfect playmate. But she lacks the ability to determine what games and toys are appropriate for him. This is how Lennon almost got his eye gouged out by a play fork. Toys not safe for Lennon are not currently in Lucille’s possession.

Over all this is an exciting development. Lucille is very good at sharing, she even shares her baby dolls with Lennon, which warms my heart. She tries feeding him her toy food, which he finds hilarious.

Even without toys, they play together excellently. Lucille loves to tickle him, and Lennon loves to poke at her. And the cutest part of all is they seem to have their own language. Lennon will jabber at her and she will jabber nonsense right back at him. And they’ll laugh!

Sleeping Arrangements

Now that Lennon is a bit older I really wanted him to learn to put himself to sleep. Lucille will not allow this! If I put Lennon in his swing or crib to relax Lucille gets terribly distraught. When she hears him talk to himself she seems to think he’s upset and cries until I get him. Even if he is actually asleep and not talking, she gets upset not knowing where he is. I have to show her that he’s asleep to calm her down. If he’s awake, he must be in the same room as us!

Eager To Help

Occasionally Lucille still tries to help in ways that she cannot. But for the most part she understands her limitations. Sometimes when he’s fussy she’ll shout “I got him!” But she just goes to play with him and make him happy rather than trying to pick him up like she used to.

Besides entertaining Lennon, Lucille now helps me by bringing me things. Most commonly when Lennon projectile pukes all over and moving will spread the mess, I’m very grateful when she brings me wipes and a burp cloth.

Raising my 2 under 2 has continued to be exhausting, but overall these past 3 months have been more joyful than I could have ever imagined. They are both growing and changing so much every day and I’m glad they can experience everything together. And more than anything I’m so grateful I get to watch these developments.