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Happy Birthday Lennon Wallace

I’m going to be honest, this post is a week late. And it’s going to be brief. Because I can’t take my eyes off you long enough to write a long, gushy love letter like I’d like to!

If you told me that there was a child in this world with more energy than my Lennon, I would not believe you! If you told me there was a child in the world who is more demanding of his mother’s attention than my Lennon, I would not believe you! But if you told me there was a child who is funnier, with a sweeter heart, desire for adventure or excitement to learn something new, I would also not believe you!

Lennon, you are so much more than I ever dreamed you could be. Your larger than life personality puts a smile on my face every day! I’m so lucky that of all the Momma’s Boys in the world, you are mine! I can’t believe how much you’ve grown in these past 2 years. Part of me still can’t believe you’re here! Thank you for all the laughs and smooches!

Happy Birthday Lucille Beatrice

Sweet baby girl… I can’t believe it’s been 2 years since I first saw your beautiful face. I can not put into words how much joy you have brought into my life. Nor can I thank you enough for choosing me to be your mother. A mother is all I’ve ever wanted to be, but I could have never imagined feeling so happy and fulfilled as I do now that you’re in my life.

Every day you grow and learn a little bit more… nothing could make me more proud, and nothing could make me more sad. Part of me wishes I could freeze you as you are right now, full of joy, energy and curiosity. I wish you’d never have to know sorrow, fear and struggles. But you will, and though I wish I could protect you, I can’t. But I know you’ll make it through any battle you face, so long as I can raise you to keep the characteristics you already posses and that I treasure: kindness, independence¬†and sense of adventure.


I believe that many children would have struggled becoming a big sibling before they even turned 16 months old. But not you! You have so much love to give, we needed to add a brother to our little family so you could give it!

You became obsessed with babies before you were even a year old, and I knew you’d love having one of our own. Sometimes when you’re playing with your brother, I just stare and can’t believe how a child so small can understand so well how to make another baby happy. You know that he’s younger and needs to be entertained and you’re happy to play peekaboo or pretend to feed him, knowing he can’t entertain you in return. The other day he spit up and you found his burp cloth, cleaned his face and cleaned the floor. Didn’t miss a beat, didn’t ask for my help. (Though I did help once you were done, as your cleaning skills aren’t up to par.)

And it’s certainly not just Lennon. Mommy, Daddy and pretty much everyone we see gets hugs and kisses on a regular basis. Your hugs include pats on the back, which is super adorable and endearing. You’re even loving to your toys. All your dolls get rides in Lennon’s swing and you make sure each baby gets a turn. You tuck them in with hugs and kisses and even give them baths.

lulu and maddy

As your completely biased mother I of course believe you are the brightest child this world has every known. But whether that’s true or not, what I’m truly proud of is seeing the joy you get out of learning. Every time you make a new discovery your face lights up.

When you see something new, you study it, trying to figure out exactly how it works. When you do figure out how something works, you want to show everyone! You fearlessly try new things on a daily basis… sometimes dangerous things that I wish you would fear… but overall, I’m glad that you are so fun loving! I hope you always continue to learn and explore and never experience boredom.


There’s so much more I want to say. And I keep trying to organize my thoughts on all that makes you so wonderfully special. But I will waste your whole birthday trying to write it all out. So instead I’m going to say these ramblings are good enough. ¬†You’re awake from your nap and I want to go back to celebrating with you!