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Brown Sugar Asparagus

This recipe literally could not be any easier. Or tastier. Sure, it takes a healthy vegetable and makes it… not healthy… but, I’m going to be making it again anyways! All you need is:

About a pound of asparagus

About 2 tbs of butter

About 2 tbs of brown sugar

In a skillet melt the butter with the brown sugar. Then toss in the asparagus (cut off the yucky woody ends first) and sauté them up a couple minutes until they are your desired texture.

The asparagus didn’t soak up all the liquid so I poured it right on top of the asparagus, and the potatoes we happened to be eating that night too. YUM!

Asparagus Crescent Rolls Recipe

In an attempt to get my carb loving daughter to eat some veggies, I attempted something new the other night. It was yummy and it was super easy!

All you need is:

a package of crescent rolls

bacon bits

shredded cheese (I used Mozzarella)

about a pound of asparagus

I chopped the yucky woody ends of the asparagus and boiled it for a couple minutes while I opened the crescent rolls and laid them out individually. I sprinkled a tiny bit of bacon bits and then a tiny bit of cheese on each roll. Then I placed the asparagus inside and rolled them up. Baked them for about 10 minutes at 400 degrees.