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The Scary Thing About Baby #2


If you’re a mother you know that when you meet your first baby your heart grows bigger than you ever imagined was possible. This little baby becomes your whole world, means more to you than anything ever has. You truly feel as though you could explode with love. It’s such an overwhelming feeling you feel as though it must be a once in a lifetime thing, you’ll never be able to feel a love like this ever again.

And then it’s time for baby #2. And you know you shouldn’t be worried that you won’t love #2 the same. Everyone says they worried but once the baby came, they loved him or her just as much. You believe them, but you also just don’t understand how it’s possible.

Then it happens. Your heart feels as though it’ll burst all over again because you’re so in love. And then it gets better. You see these 2 kids, your whole world, love each other! And that’s really the best feeling in the world!

So what’s the scary part? Besides being responsible for 2 little lives… Now that you’ve realized you can feel this love repeatedly and witnessed the love that you’re adding to their lives… you want to do it again and again.

Seriously, I feel as if I’ve been dreaming about baby #3 since we brought Lennon home. Even after my hardest, most exhausting days with just my 2 kids, I fall asleep thankful to have them and looking forward to the day I give them a little brother or sister.

Maybe it’s because we’ve always wanted 3 kids and now that we’re 2/3 of the way there it’s natural to think about being the “complete family” we’ve talked about for years. But if I’m being honest I’m scared I’m addicted to this feeling. And even though logically I still want 3…  I’m afraid it’ll be hard to accept that once #3 arrives. (Not that #3 will arrive anytime soon.)

Or maybe I’m just insane and the only one who feels this way…