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Name of the Day: Wren

The name of a small songbird, Wren is adorable for both sexes. I suggested it to my husband when considering music inspired names, not just because it’s a songbird but also Paul McCartney’s beautiful song Jenny Wren. Let’s see what else  can dig up on the name.

Wren is the main character in a series of children’s fantasy novels by Sherwood Smith and a main character in Amy Tintera’s Reboot series. Wren Blackberry is also a children’s author.  How fun would it be for a little girl to read these books growing up? Wren is also the youngest in comic strip Baby Blues, giving this name a comedic vibe.

As for a male namesake: Christopher Wren is a famous architect most known for St. Paul’s Cathedral in London.

Wren Day is celebrated in Ireland on December 26 and I just love the history of this celebration, read the Wikipedia page here. this tradition involves killing a Wren, so maybe not the best association for a baby name… but look at it this way. The Wren is sacrificed because it’s a symbol of beauty, nobility and the past year’s achievements. Just ignore the Norse theory as to how Wren Day began. 😉 If I had to assign this tradition to a gender, I would say this makes the name more masculine as it was traditionally Wren Boys hunting the Wren and collecting donations. Though they eventually let girls be Wren Boys too.