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Our Kindness Elves Part 2 of 2

The second half of our kindness elves stay was not as exciting. At Lucille and Lennon’s young ages it just wasn’t exciting after about 5 days. Oh well. Next year they’ll understand better. Anyways, here were our activities days 7-12.

Day 7: Spread Christmas cheer by singing Christmas carols

Day 8: Help mommy cook dinner (Lucille had a lot of fun with this one!)

Day 9: Help mommy send out Christmas cards

Day 10: Surprise a friend with a visit

Day 11: Bring some popcorn to NayNay’s house for a Christmas movie night

Day 12: Learn about the holidays being celebrated by those in other cultures (we had an Elmo DVD to help us with this.)

That’s it for this year. I’m sure Eira and Shep will be back next year repeating some of these assignments and giving us some new ones. I can’t wait!