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My Favorite Christmas Gift Ever

Peter and I aren’t very materialistic people. When it comes to gifts, we don’t feel the need to spend a week’s paycheck. For any occasion I can usually expect a couple bottles of wine or pina colada mix. And he can usually expect some sort of musical accessory or maybe some exotic flavored jerky. But this year Peter got me the best gift, and it didn’t cost a dime.

Us back in July… because I don’t have a picture of us watching Friends together but I like to put pictures in my posts!

In the over 6 years we’ve been together I’ve always joked that our biggest obstacle we have to constantly work on is his poor taste in television shows. My 5 favorite shows of all time are Friends, Will and Grace, I Love Lucy, Boy Meets World and the Golden Girls. Of those he can only stomach I Love Lucy. I have always firmly believed that if he gave Friends and Will and Grace a chance, he would like them. I likely only love Boy Meets World and Golden Girls to due to my fond memories watching them in my youth, but the others I believe are great entertainment for all.

This Christmas in my stocking Peter wrote me a note promising to watch every single episode of Friends with me. I was thrilled!! I could tell he kind of dreaded it but knew how happy it would make me…. I almost felt bad making him go through with it. But guess what? He likes it!! And it’s been so nice to have that time with him. Almost every night we watch an episode together once the kids are in bed. It’s perfect. We’re typically too tired at that point to do much besides sit on the couch and snuggle. It’s really nice to share with him something that has brought me so much joy.

Saying this was my favorite present is not an exaggeration. I am valuing this time so much. Maybe for my birthday he’ll agree to watch Will and Grace! (Hint hint)

Christmas Wishlist for my Kiddos

So far we’ve kept Christmas a pretty low key holiday. Don’t get me wrong, it’s filled with fun, family, food and excitement. But we’ve kept the gifts to a minimum. And we plan to continue to do so. For two reasons, really. One: we don’t need more stuff. We’ve only been parents 2 1/2 years and I can’t believe how very much stuff we have!! Two: I really want Christmas to be more about the spirit of giving, helping others, spending times with loved one and less about material stuff.

You probably notice we had no ornaments on our tree last year.... they had to be taken off well before Christmas...

You probably notice we had no ornaments on our tree last year…. they had to be taken off well before Christmas…

That being said, my extended family doesn’t seem to share in my “less is more” motto. They like to spoil the kids. And they also ask for ideas. So, I’ve been brainstorming ideas I think the kids will love, but shouldn’t take up too much room in our overly crowded and cluttered home.

Now that we broke down and bought a mini van I’m really hoping that Santa will bring my kids a DVD player for us to plug in and use for road trips. I’m super excited to be able to comfortably take the kids on long trips and definitely plan on taking them somewhere fun this spring. If Santa brings us this (I have a feeling he will) then we would be happy to receive some movies to add to our collection, especially:

Rio 2: have I ever mentioned Lennon’s obsession with the movie Rio? He loves it and sings about it all day long. I just found out there is a sequel to the movie…  watching the same characters ina new situation sounds slightly more entertaining than watching the original a 1,543rd time. Just kidding, if you don’t have the original, it really is cute. I think Lennon and Lucille are drawn to it because it’s so colorful and has tons of music.

Speaking of music: my kids love to sing and dance. For Lucille’s birthday she got a beach boys CD as Barbara Ann is her favorite song. But I’m thinking some actual children’s CDs might be good too, for car trips and for dance parties in our house.

Clearance Halloween costumes: my kids love to play dress up and I expect this will be a love of theirs for years to come. I know I loved it throughout much of  elementary school. Halloween costumes are so pricey but sometimes in November and December you can find them for just a few bucks.

Experiences: We love getting tickets to experiences. Plays, museums, zoos, etc. To me, this is the BEST kind of present! A fun filled day that creates tons of memories and no extra clutter.

What suggestions do you have for 2 toddlers who need nothing but enjoy everything? What are you hoping Santa brings your kiddoes?

Tis the season

Our holiday season was crazy hectic (isn’t everyone’s?). In addition to all sorts of holiday fun I had 3 large events for the radio station I work at, my brother graduated college and my best friend had a baby, all in December. I wish I had kept track of all the fun activities better but since I didn’t, here’s a little recap. This is an email I wrote my kids. (I made each of my kids an email address when they were born. I send them emails to document their lives, my emotions about their milestones, etc… In all honesty it’s not something I do nearly enough!)

I just wanted to send a note to thank you both for giving me such a magical holiday season. In 2012 around the holidays I told your daddy that by Christmas 2013 I wanted a baby on the way because kids are what makes Christmas fun. Well, by 2013 Lucille was on the way, 2014 we celebrated her first Christmas and by Christmas 2015 we had Lennon and got to celebrate another first Christmas.

This year we did a lot that I hope we will do again and make into traditions.

To kick off the holiday season we went to Christmas in Perry with the intention of meeting Santa. The wait, however, was over 2 hours. So we skipped that, but we did watch the parade. Lucille loved watching all the lights on the fire trucks, as did cousin Walter who we met there. Lennon, you slept through the whole thing.


The next day we went and got a Christmas tree. As we’ve done for years we went with Nay Nay, Pop Pop, Aunt Kray Kray, Uncle Adam, Uncle Joe and Aunt Marcy. Meaning we had to pick out 4 trees. The weather was beautiful. I had you both dressed in winter outfits and I had to strip you down because you were overheating!

We went to Byrncliff to try to meet Santa again, and this time it worked out much better! We were the first family to get to the buffet breakfast and when we finished Santa was supposed to be arriving in 10 minutes. We went to the room he would be in to get in line and nobody was there yet. There were activities set up: a coloring table, cookie decorating table, a place to write a letter to Santa and a marshmallow toss. So Lucille did all these things with the elf that was there until Santa came. When Santa came we had him all to ourselves. Lennon was more than happy to sit on his lap. Lucille liked him from a bit of a distance. She did give him several high fives. I think it was really special that we got to see him all by ourselves. It definitely made it less scary for you two.

We also got to make Christmas cookies with your cousins Tristan, Maddy, Gus and Alli! Making Christmas cookies is my very favorite thing to do in the holiday season and I’m so glad we have an extended family that we can enjoy it with!

My favorite part of the holidays this year was our new Christmas Eve tradition. Instead of going from place to place on Christmas we decided to celebrate with my side of the family on Christmas Eve. This makes Christmas last 2 days!! We had so much fun spending the entire day with our loved ones, watching Christmas movies, opening presents and then playing with them, and of course eating!! Then before we left Aunt Sarah got emails from Santa Claus for each of you, as well as one for each of her kids. Lennon, you of course didn’t understand yet. But Lucille you loved watching the videos, way more than I expected!


Christmas day we woke up and opened presents at home just the 4 of us. Then we spent mot of our day at NayNay and Pop Pop’s. Again, it was so nice to see them for a whole day instead of just a couple hours. In addition to the immediate family Uncle Mike, Uncle Beaver, Carmen, Kris and Khloe all came over too. Lucille you followed Khloe around like she was the coolest kid in school haha. Lennon, you have been so happy throughout all these festivities. You’re definitely at your best when you’re surrounded by friends and excitement!!

A few days later we went back to Aunt Sarah’s for our extended family holiday celebration. Uncle Tom and Aunt Sherry were visiting from Vermont and Uncle Mike and Aunt Kathy from Wisconsin!

For New Year’s Eve we went and had an early dinner (3:30 so our noisy kids wouldn’t disrupt most people’s dinner plans) at the Club. I loved bringing you 2 out to a fancy restaurant with us to celebrate the end of a fantastic year and the start of a new one! This is definitely going to be a yearly tradition. When you get older you can have some Shirley Temples with dinner. Lucille, we tried to give you crab cakes because you loved them when you tried them over the summer. But, you refused to eat them and just ate our oyster crackers and most of our dessert, which was sherbert. Lennon, you pooped yourself shortly after we got there and then slept the rest of the outing.


I love you both so much and I know next year the holidays will be even more special!!



On another note, now that we’re a week into the new year I’ve also finally set some resolutions:

  1. Blog at least twice a week
  2. Try a new recipe or attempt to improve an old one once a week
  3. Read to the kids every day
  4. Go on a date with Peter every month
  5. Don’t let stress make me a grumpy mom. Enjoy all my moments with my kids and remember they are what’s most important. Not my job, how clean my house is, etc.