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Name of the Day: Tuula

Tuula is a variant of the Finnish name Tuuli, which means wind. Also Tula is Tagalog for poem. Both meanings are so beautiful. Wind is beautiful on its own, but I feel extra connected to it as Peter and I honeymooned in the “Windy city” aka Chicago. Peter seemed to think this was a stretch, but it’s honestly my first thought when I hear wind. Probably because my kids bring up this really annoying app on my kindle all the time that says “we’re in Chicago, know as the wiiindy city, the city of wiiind.” Strange, I know.

My main attraction to Tuula is that I feel it would honor my mom, without the confusion of using her name. My mother’s maiden name is pronounced Too-Lee, so I was drawn to Tuula for its similarity. Technically I should like Tuuli more as it’s actually pronounced the same, but it seems both cutesy because of it’s ee ending, and surnamey because I have so many relatives with the name. Of course, most people won’t have that association, so for everyone else, I think Tuuli is really nice as well!

Tuula reminds me of tulips. Growing up we had a big bed of tulips in our front yard. I remember”helping” my mom plant them. I remember smelling them and pretending Thumbelina lived inside. I remember picking them for my mom whenever I wanted to surprise her. Tulips make me smile whenever I see them because they always bring back fond memories of childhood and my mother.

Lastly, Tuula makes me think of My Big Fat Greek Wedding. If you haven’t seen the movie, I highly recommend it. For me, it’s more than just a funny movie. It’s a movie that my mother and I saw during a very difficult time in our lives. It was a movie we saw on a whim, hadn’t heard of it, didn’t have high expectations. But we both loved it. It was a bright spot in what seemed a dark world at the time. Thinking of the movie makes me think of my Mom’s laughter at a time when her laughter was rare. I love it for that. In the movie the main character is Toula and it’s actually short for Fotoula, but I’m not as wild about that!

And another lastly, I pitched it to my husband and it makes him think of “Come on Eileen”. They say “Too-ra-loo-ra” I believe. But hey, if that’s what it makes him think of, I think it’s a good song to associate with a name. Particularly since his Grandmother’s name is Eileen.