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Some of my favorite childhood memories are bonfires in our backyard. I loved roasting marshmallows, but hated the taste of them. So my mother ate probably half a bag of marshmallows each fire. And I burned them. Despite her telling me she hated burned marshmallows. And if I managed to make one golden brown I kept it for myself and made a s’more.I was a real peach!

Our most frequent bonfire guests were my aunt, uncle and 4 cousins. My cousins and I shared many ghost stories, laughs and for some reason streaking experiences. We played with sparklers and sometimes my dad even set off fireworks, which my cousin thought were “God’s farts”.

This weekend we had a small bonfire in our own backyard. Lennon’s first, and Lucille’s first since she’s been old enough to enjoy it. (She was present at a couple when she was just a few months old.) It was so fun! The kids ate trail mix and watched the glow of the fire in amazement. Both tried marshmallows, neither seemed to like them. We played bluegrass music and they danced and laughed. It made my heart so happy!

I’m so glad we live in a rural area. Sure, I have to drive over an hour to get to a shopping mall… but I’m fine with that. I grew  up on 82 acres of land, with pet sheep and no neighbors in sight. My college friends never understood what I did for fun. But in my opinion, the fun around a campfire beats the fun at a movie theater any day!

I hope my kids feel the same way and grow up loving small town life.