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Doing a 2 Year Old’s Hair

A hairdresser is one thing I’ll never be. Add to my lack of skill the fact that Lucille is a busy lady and doesn’t want to take the time to get her hair did anyway… When just lounging around the house, I usually let her hair go au naturel. But when going in public I prefer to make her look a little less sheep doggish. So here are a couple hair styles that I can usually do while she’s on the move. If anyone has more easy suggestions for me, please share! I would love to do some cute braids but she will just not sit still long enough for those..

1. The Triple Side Pony. Lucille’s hair parts to the side so this hair style is easy for us because we don’t have to re part her hair. I just take a small chunk of hair from the front of her head and put it in a pony. Then I take a chunk right behind this pony tail and put that and the original pony into another pony. Lastly I grab a chunk directly behind the first two and pony it with the other pony.  Typically I do this while she eats because though it doesn’t take long… it’s still too long for my little busy bee.


2. The Sloppy Bun. This is for the days that I can’t get her to sit still for a single second. I’ve often had to do this while walking behind her. This is typically my hair style too, but I admit, it looks much cuter on her. Just a pony tail, not pulled through all the way.

Lennon's hair isn't long enough for the bun, so we just gave him a pony tail haha

Lennon’s hair isn’t long enough for the bun, so we just gave him a pony tail haha

3. The Sophisticated Sloppy Bun. With a side part, gather a small bit of hair and make a side pony tail. Then pull all the hair back into a sloppy bun. It makes it look a little more like you put some effort into the hairstyle.


4. The Lopsided Pig Tails. This one too starts with a side part. Starting off like hairstyle number 1, I collect a small amount of hair and put it in a side pony.  Then I collect the rest of the hair from that side of thepart and put it in a pig tail halfway down the back of her head. I collect all the hair on the other side of her head and put in the other pigtail… hopefully in approximately the same spot on the other side of the head.


5. The Cocker Spaniel. With a side part I put half her hair up in pigtails on the top of her head. The hair in the back stays down.


A Note from the Editor: I never take pictures as soon as I finish her hair, so these pictures are all of hair that’s been played in for a few hours. Also, her part is not perfect most days and I’m almost always too lazy to fix it.