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Name of the Day: Ewan

“Born from the yew tree” do meanings get any more precious than that? Ewan is the anglicized version of Scottish and Irish Eoghan.

Ewan McGregor is my first association with the name, and he’s someone I’ve never felt either positively or negatively about, though I liked him in Moulin Rouge. Recently though he was in the news for cancelling an interview because the interviewer insulted those who participated in the women’s marches. This tips the scales to me liking him. I don’t care if you’re pro or anti Trump, but insulting peaceful protests is ridiculous. I commend anyone who has the courage to stand up for what they believe in. And the fact is millions of women have felt insulted by Trump’s comments and fearful of his prospective policies. So they should make their voices heard. Saying these women are rabid feminists and throwing a hissy fit…. I have no words for how disgusting I find that. Anyways, away from politics and back to names…

I love that Name of the Day leads meĀ to discoverĀ talented people I’d never heard of, like Ewan MacColl. Best known as a folk singer, this English man was also a playwright and labor activist. I’m well aware liking folk music isn’t cool but I love it. It brings me back to a simpler time. And MacColl’s voice is perfect for folk music! And I love that he wasn’t afraid to sing about his political beliefs.

Ewan Morrison is a Scottish writer who changes his whole lifestyle and lives in a different way so he can write about it. I haven’t read anything by him, but I’m certainly intrigued.

I didn’t find any fictional Ewan’s that might inspire… so if you know any more, fictional or non gift, let me know!