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Looking Forward To Nice Weather

Lately I’ve had really bad cabin fever. I feel sick of all the indoor activities my children and I have been doing for months and I just want to frolic outside in some sunshine!

Last summer, Lucille was so little!

Last summer, Lucille was so little!

I think it’s particularly bad due to the lack of summer fun we had last year. The beginning of summer was nice, though I was so large I was not very comfortable in the heat. But we had fun regardless. Then most of summer I was recovering from a c-section and Lennon was so new I didn’t want him in the sun or around germs too much.

To make up for it, this year I’m making the most of summer. And spring. And fall! But since I’m still stuck inside for now, I figured I’d make a bucket list for the upcoming season. Some of these things I’m hoping to do many times. So here is our family Fun in the Sun 2016 Bucket list:

  1. Take the kids to the drive in movie theater
  2. Take the kids to the zoo
  3. Visit my dad’s side of the family (they live 4 hours away)
  4. Have a picnic at Letchworth state park
  5. Take the kids to a concert
  6. Use our kiddie inflatable pool
  7. Take the kids on a walk to the library
  8. Go to Honeoye lake with the kids
  9. Take an out of state family vacation (leaning towards Wisconsin, I have an aunt and uncle there)
  10. Have a bonfire in our backyard