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Pre-Pregnancy Bucket List

I’ve been pregnant or breastfeeding for about 3 years now. Though I wouldn’t change anything about these years, I admit that I’m excited to have my body to myself again. Lennon is still breastfeeding and I expect it’ll be a long weaning process. But as he nears his first birthday, the end is in sight. Or at least, the end of breast milk being his primary source of nutrition. This will give me a world of freedom that I am no longer used to.

Everyone knows we want a third child someday. But before we try for the next and last, here are some things I’d like to experience and accomplish.

  • Get drunk. I’ve been drunk once in the last 3 years.  Truthfully I have no desire to make this a regular experience ever again in my life. But I do think I should get drunk once between pregnancies out of principle.
  • Eat sushi.
  • Eat raw cookie dough.
  • Try real egg nog. (My brother really wanted us to do this last Christmas but we never got around to it in the season…sorry bro!)
  • Sort through my clothes and donate what I don’t need anymore. I have so many clothes in my closet that I bought in high school and haven’t worn since.
  • Buy a mini van.
  • Get Lennon consistently napping without being held. (I really hoped to have this accomplished long before now. But unfortunately, we haven’t even achieved consistent naps. So on the rare days he naps I let him do so on my chest…. in fact that is why I’m writing a blog post now.)
  • Clean our spare room. We won’t need to use it right away when we have baby #3 as 2 kids can share a room. But it stresses me out knowing I have a whole room of unorganized junk!
  • Finish remodeling Lennon’s room. It should have been done before he arrived so it seems fair to do it before we try for number 3 I’d say.
  • Make 5 outfits using my sewing machine. I’d love to be able to make some of my kid’s clothes, but I got a sewing machine and have barely learned to use it.
  • Get a new dining room set. Ours is old and gross and impossible to clean. I’d like to alleviate that stress before adding a new mess maker to the mix.


Well there it is. I think it should keep me busy for quite awhile. 😉 Especially since I’m currently working through our summer time bucket list too!