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Name of the Day: Perrine

I can’t use this name as it’s the feminine form of Pierre, which is the French form of Peter. (I’m also a big fan of Pierre.) My husband (Peter) and I agreed we don’t want to name our kids after ourselves. (Also can’t use it because I’m pregnant with our 3rd and last, and it’s a boy! So, no more girl names for me!) But I think it’s GORGEOUS! So I thought if I wrote about my love for it, maybe someday it’ll be stumbled upon and used by another!

Perrine is the name of 2 Olympic skiers, both from France: Perrine Pelen and Perrine Laffont. Nobody’s Girl is a novel by Hector Malet who’s main character is a 13 year old named Perrine. This book has been adapted into an anime series. That would be a really fun read (and watch) to enjoy with your daughter when she’s old enough.

I’m a total nickname person and I think the Perry or Reeney are beyond adorable! In 2014 5 girls were given this name, but it has not made the social security list since.