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Reducing Anxiety: Step Three

I’m a multi tasker. I don’t know how to do one thing at a time. Even when there is no reason to multitask, I do. I drive my husband crazy when we watch TV together and I’m on my kindle the whole time.

Some people may multitask happily. It stresses me out. I do it constantly, but that doesn’t mean I’m good at it or it makes me feel good. I need to stop.

Sometimes it seems multitasking is the only way to get shit done. But it’s not! If I have 3 tasks I need to do and I don’t prioritize them, I just do them all at once. This doesn’t get anything done any faster. It probably takes longer because I lose my train of thought. And nothing is getting done well. I’m half assing everything because I can’t stop thinking about the other projects I’m working on.

I’m learning to focus on one task at a time. While I do this task, I shouldn’t be thinking of the 8 other things I need to get done in the next hour. It doesn’t benefit me at all to stress over what needs to be done. It’ll get done. And if it doesn’t, the consequences are usually pretty minimal. Truly, I stress myself out over things that have such petty repercussions. Things that don’t matter.

Even worse is when I multitask while spending time with my kids. Here’s an example: I’ll be feeding Lennon and reading articles on my kindle. That’s fine if Lucille is entertaining herself. But when I’m done breastfeeding and I’m still reading this article or looking at pictures on Facebook and one of the kids starts interacting with me, I need to put it down. I don’t need to Facebook and spend time with my kids. Spending time with my kids is enough!

I’m not saying if the kids want my attention I need to drop what I’m doing no matter what. I work from home. There are times I need to finish writing a script and email it to my client before I can read Lucille her book. But other times, I’m just reading a mother’s debate about what to name her child while I watch Curious George. And then when my child interrupts me I get agitated. But why am I reading that instead of snuggling the babies and enjoying the movie with them?

This may be my issue and nobody else’s, but screen time makes me angry. It makes me feel like I have too much to do. So many tabs and apps open. But in reality, none of those tabs or apps matter. When I need to react to what’s happening in the real world, it needs to take priority over what’s happening on the screen. Not just needs to, I want it to. I’d much rather spend time with my kids than pin a bunch of recipes I’ll never take the time to cook them. But I’m not used to just spending time with my kids. I feel inactive, like I need to do more…. But something about that glowing screen in front of me… it just makes me irritable. And in reality, I’m not accomplishing anything on it that needs to be accomplished.



From now on I am only using electronics when it’s necessary for my job, I’m breastfeeding, or both the kids are in bed. This may not be a necessity for everyone to live a happy life, but I believe it is for me. At least for now.