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Lennon’s Gender Reveal

A little over a year ago Peter and I found out baby #2 was a baby boy! We obviously would have been happy with a girl, but finding out we would be blessed with a baby boy less than a year and a half after having a baby girl… we couldn’t believe it!

Lucille’s gender reveal party was so fun, but we wanted to do things differently this time. Peter wanted to see how they knew the sex of the baby and I thought it would be fun for just the two of us to find out together. And I was too lazy to throw another party, haha. But I still wanted to do something fun to let the world know about the baby that would be joining us. So we made Saint Patrick’s day scratch off tickets. Peter designed them and I turned them into scratch offs. It was really easy, I just followed the instructions in this video.


We mailed these out to friends and family about a week before Saint Patrick’s Day and then made our social media announcement on the holiday. The funny thing about these scratch offs is we made them Irish/Saint Patrick’s day themed because of the upcoming holiday and because we’re of Irish descent. But we made them fully expecting that we were having a lassie, in which case the name we had picked out was Greek. But the boy name we had picked, Lennon Wallace, fits the theme of our scratch offs perfectly.

Warning: Don’t use glitter paint (as pictured above). I made some with glitter paint and some with regular paint. The glitter ones were nice to photograph, but they didn’t scratch well. They turned out to be more like peel off stickers.

Lucille’s Gender Reveal

As Lucille approaches her 2nd birthday, I’ve been very reminiscent. Lately she seems so much like a kid rather than a baby. It’s both exciting and heartbreaking. As I look back on the days that I carried her inside me, I thought I’d share pictures from our gender reveal party.

Being an aunt I wanted to include my nephews and niece in the excitement of finding out the sex of our baby. So we did our reveal with a pinata!


This was a really fun way to involve the whole family. And it was really simple to not have to involve a bakery or anything of that sort. We had the ultrasound technician write the gender and seal it in an envelope. We brought the envelope, pinata and blue and pink candy to Peter’s parents neighbor, Mary Jane (pictured in the bottom right picture). She filled it with the accurate color (pink, obviously) and brought it to our house. All the kids were able to hit the pinata as we worked our way up youngest to oldest, and the little ones obviously didn’t make much of an impact. Then the adults started taking swings. When it was finally busted open we all got to celebrate our new baby girl together.

We also had everyone guess if they thought we’d have a boy or girl by dressing in blue or pink. It was clear not many were surprised that we were having a girl, we all had the same hunch. (Even Peter but he didn’t have pink clothes to wear!)

Seems like just yesterday… and now I’m off to buy supplies to make Elmo cupcakes for her 2nd birthday party!