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Name of the Day: Rupert

The German form of Robert this name means bright fame. In the top 200 in England and Wales, its not even ranked in the top 1,000 here in the States.

Rupert Murdoch may be a strong association for some. As I work in media, I do have some respect for the empire he’s built. However, I don’t have much respect for him as a person, so let’s find some better namesakes, shall we?

Rupert Brooke was a British War poet who was also known for his boyish good looks. His most known poem is the Soldier, read it here. A young man with lots of passion, he died at the age of 27. Ā I would have loves to see what he would have accomplished had he lived a longer life.

Prince Rupert of Rhine was an extremely interesting individual of the 17th century. He was an artist, soldier, scientist and more. He was very bright and quick witted, but it seems he often had the temper to match. Read more about him here.

A German king in the 15th century King Rupert was given the surname Clemens meaning “the gentle”. Though his efforts were mostly for naught, he did continuously try to bring peace to his kingdom.

Rupert von Trapp is the real life oldest son in the Trapp Family singers. In the Sound of Music his character was Friedrich (which by the way is another name we love!!). Peter is a big ol’ weirdo who dislikes the movie Sound of Music (one of my all time favorites), but I believe he’s in agreement that the story of the real von Trapp family is very inspirational, so perhaps he will love this namesake as much as I do…. probably not.

Rupert is also the name of not one but two bears. Rupert Bear is a children’s comic strip in England, being published since 1935 and still today. It’s also the name of Stewie’s stuffed bear on Family Guy, which is of course my husband’s first association with the name. You can find other famous Ruperts on this Wikipedia page.

Name of the Day: Annelies

Annelies has always been a favorite of mine. The multiple acceptable spellings kind of bugs me, but I’ve decided this is my preferred spelling because it’s German and the version used by Anne Frank. Anneliese is also German but would be pronounced in Germany as “ahn-ne-LEEZ-ah” and I prefer the 3 syllable Ah-ne-LEES. A combination of Anna and Liese it means “grace” and “my God is abundant”.

In the comment section of behind the name people seem concerned that this spelling is “Anne lies”. Truthfully, I don’t see that as a big deal. Actually I think it’s great, because it’s an easy way for people to remember how to spell the name.

Some people probably consider Anne Frank to be a rather sad namesake, and I suppose she is. But I think she’s also the perfect namesake, always optimistic, honest and understanding. Her outlook on life is beautiful, seeing and believing the good in everything. I want to teach my children to look at the world that way, but not to ignore the evils that do exist. Don’t focus on them, but be cautious. Anne’s tragic death is of course a reminder of such evils.

Anne is my mom’s middle name, both her sister’s middle names, and all 3 of her sister’s daughter’s middle name. I’ve always loved Anne, Annie and Anna and all 3 would be great nicknames for Annelies. Lees or Leesy are super cute too!

Name of the Day: Wolfgang

Wolfgang is a big name that’s not used much these days, but I really think it can be pulled off. German for “wolf’s path”, Wolf or Wolfy would be a cute nickname for a little Wolfgang.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is a famous composer, perhaps you’ve heard of him? šŸ˜‰ He started composing at just 5 years old and though he died at just 35, composed over 600 pieces. His works are still performed today and have influenced the works of many other artists, including Beethoven.

Another famous bearer is Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. He was best known as a writer, but he was also an illustrator, scientist and philosopher. He didn’t shy away from writing about human sexuality, though it certainly wasn’t as accepted in his day. (He lived from 1749-1832.) His views on religion were also very forward thinking, believing you don’t have to follow a certain denomination of Christianity to be Christian. A true free thinker, I have lots of respect for this man and would love to learn more about him!

Saint Wolfgang is one of the most honored German saints. He must be busy up in heaven because he’s the patronĀ saint of several things, including carpenters, stomach disease and strokes.

Apparently Wolfgang Van Halen is also the current bassist in Van Halen and son of founding member Eddie Van Halen. A famous chef, photographer, film directors, Nobel Prize winners, several athletes… it doesn’t look like such a strange choice when you look at all the influential bearers.