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Name of the Day: Colette

Short form of Nicolette, this name means “victory of the people.” I love the nickname options: Coco, Lettie, Colly, Etta, even Cole.

Saint Colette is the patron saint for women trying to conceive, pregnant women and sick children. Born by a first time mother who was 60 years old, her birth was considered by her parents to be a miracle. Years later she was staying with a woman who was in labor, and it was literally killing her. Colette prayed and the lady, who lived and had a healthy baby girl, credited Colette for their survival. Colette also met a baby born deceased and wrapped him up and he came back to life. Certainly fitting stories for those expecting, especially those who are high risk or struggled to conceive.

Colette is also the more pen name of the French novelist who is best known for her novella Gigi. Her works often explored the struggles of trying to be an independent woman in a world run by men. In 1954 she was was nominated for a Noble Prize in literature. Very influential in her time, and still today, she is a great role model, as she was brave and never afraid to be herself.

Name of the Day: Pauline

Pauline is my Grandmother’s name, so I wouldn’t actually use it as a first name. But I would love for it to be our girl middle name next time around, so I thought it would be fun to see what I could dig up on it.

Obviously Pauline is the feminine form of Paul, meaning “small”. I love Paul as it’s my grandfather’s name (on the other side of my family). Also it would keep our accidental Beatles theme going via Paul McCartney.

Pauline Fossil is one of three sisters in the children’s novel, Ballet Shoes. An aspiring performer, this character would fit in with artsy namesake Lucille and Lennon.

Pauline Elizabeth Hopkins was an African-American writer. How cool, Elizabeth is also my Grandmother’s middle name. Her writing was typically romantic but also expressed her views on race and social issues.

Name of the Day: Abigail

I can’t tell you how much joy it would bring my kids if I ever used the name Abigail. They are obsessed with Abby Cadaby on Sesame Street. The meaning “Father’s Joy” is beautiful… and for some reason I found it surprising. Also surprising to me was that this name was known as a servant’s name for many years, due to her story in the Bible and several other classic books. It wasn’t until this last century Abigail has shaken that image… I also thought of it as almost snooty, so this was funny to me.

Besides a Muppet, Abigail is also the name of two first ladies, Adams and Fillmore. Abby Wambach is a gold medal Olympic athlete who actually grew up not far from where I grew up. Abby’s also the mother of Louisa May Alcott and the pen name for sister advice columnists (Dear Abby). Nick name Abbey is also a reference to the Beatles album Abbey Road, which is why my husband likes it and I’m trying to sell myself on it. (Not that he’s dead set on keeping our accidental Beatles theme going. But he thinks it’d be sort of cool if the name we chose ended up having a Beatles connection too.)

Name of the Day: Jessamine

Jessamine is a rarely used flower name… but I can’t figure out why it’s so rare. It’s lovely!! And nickname Jessa is adorable! I don’t know which pronunciation I prefer, the English JESS-ah-min or French Jess-ah-MEEN. With the first I worry that people would hear Jasmine… and the 2nd, well we’re not French so I feel like that’s not the correct version for us..?

Jessamine Shumate was an artist from Virginia. Reading about her I am inspired by her painting called “Cookie Pan”. She accidentally burned a cookie pan. She scrubbed and scrubbed trying to get it clean. When she couldn’t she just said, whatever, I’ll paint it. That’s an attitude I want my child to have, when life hands you lemons, make lemonade! I also love that she didn’t become a serious artist until her daughters were grown. Not because I think a woman can’t be both a mother and artist at the same time, of course. That would be inspirational as well. I just like that it’s something she always wanted to do and even though it took her a long time to get started, she did it! So many people get hung up on being too old to start new things, and that’s crazy. You never know how much longer you have, do what makes you happy no matter how long or short it may be!

Jessamine is a character in several books, none of which I’ve read. Though if this name becomes a finalist I will! Check Nameberry to see some of the books she’s a part of. I first encountered the name upon reading Uncle Tom’s Cabin. It’s not a character, but it was the first I’d heard mention of jessamine flowers, little Eva picking them! I thought, that’s a pretty flower name, I wonder if people use it as a name? And, sure enough! Anyways, since I read it in Uncle Tom’s Cabin and specifically in relation to the character Evangeline, I find Jessamine southern, sweet and innocent.

Name of the Day: Odette

When I was growing up The Swan Princess was my very favorite movie. I wanted to be Princess Odette. I still love the name and the memory of my favorite movie makes my heart smile. And the connection to the ballet the movie is based off of, Swan Lake, makes it even better.

Odette means wealth and fortune. Besides it’s fictional namesakes, Odette Hallowes was a Works War II heroine. An Allied Intelligence Officer, she was imprisoned and spent time in a concentration camp, being tortured constantly but never gave any information or her true identity. She was incredibly brave, smart and full of energy and life.

Name of the Day: Claudia

Meaning lame or crippled to many, some historians think it was more likely to have originally meant enclosure. I like that definition better, so let’s roll with it.

Claudia was a character in the Babysitter’s Club books, which pretty much defined my preteen years. A model, actresses, a Catholic Saint, Claudia is certainly a familiar name, but also not overly popular, ranking in the 700s on the girl popularity list.

Lady Bird Johnson’s real name was Claudia Alta. She got her nickname because as an infant she was “pretty as a lady bird”. Her family began calling her lady so much that her real name became almost irrelevant. In school they would pick on her and call her bird, which if you watch It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia you will understand, this makes me laugh! Would it be weird if I had a Claudia and called her Lady Bird? I think its precious…. Moving on…. Wife of Lyndon B. Johnson, Lady Bird was much more then just the President’s wife. She was very smart and through her investments she made her and her husband millions of dollars. As first lady she was more involved than any wife had been up until then, which earned her both the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Congressional Gold Medal. She worked to beautify our cities because “where flowers bloom so does hope.” She was also a big supporter of Head Start, a program that helps educate children in low income families.

Name of the Day: Annelies

Annelies has always been a favorite of mine. The multiple acceptable spellings kind of bugs me, but I’ve decided this is my preferred spelling because it’s German and the version used by Anne Frank. Anneliese is also German but would be pronounced in Germany as “ahn-ne-LEEZ-ah” and I prefer the 3 syllable Ah-ne-LEES. A combination of Anna and Liese it means “grace” and “my God is abundant”.

In the comment section of behind the name people seem concerned that this spelling is “Anne lies”. Truthfully, I don’t see that as a big deal. Actually I think it’s great, because it’s an easy way for people to remember how to spell the name.

Some people probably consider Anne Frank to be a rather sad namesake, and I suppose she is. But I think she’s also the perfect namesake, always optimistic, honest and understanding. Her outlook on life is beautiful, seeing and believing the good in everything. I want to teach my children to look at the world that way, but not to ignore the evils that do exist. Don’t focus on them, but be cautious. Anne’s tragic death is of course a reminder of such evils.

Anne is my mom’s middle name, both her sister’s middle names, and all 3 of her sister’s daughter’s middle name. I’ve always loved Anne, Annie and Anna and all 3 would be great nicknames for Annelies. Lees or Leesy are super cute too!

Name of the Day: Marta

A cognate of Martha, the name means lady. In the Sound of Music, Marta is the 4th Von Trapp daughter. I love the Sound of Music and feel this name isn’t as overly associated with the movie as Liesl is here in the states. (Though I also love Liesl and tried to sell Peter on it when I was pregnant with Lucille.)

Marta was also a character on Arrested Development. Just a few episodes really. But the episode where all 3 Bluth brothers get in a physical fight over her is hilarious.

It always makes me happy when a name is a strong character in a book, even if I haven’t read the book. Marta’s Legacy is a 2 part series of books by Francine Rivers that tells the story of several generations of women and a mother’s love. Even if Peter doesn’t approve the name, these are books I want to read. But if he does, the theme of these books make Marta an even more perfect name.

Real life Martas include several singers, actresses, a dancer, a politician and more, spread across many countries. Nameberry has a good list if you want to research them individually.

Name of the Day: Frida

Meaning “peace” Frida is spunky and sweet. It is most associated with artist Frida Kahlo, a Mexican painter known best for her self portraits. She said she painted what she knew and many were self portraits because she was the subject she knew best. Her paintings also are also very influenced by her Mexican culture and her feminist beliefs. Frida had a very interested life and an even more interesting personality.

Frida is also the nickname of ABBA’s Anni-Frid Lyngstad. Besides being in ABBA she has a solo music career and has volunteered extensively on environmental projects.

Frieda is the German version of the name, pronounced the same. Though I normally prefer German variants as my ancestors are from Germany, I think I prefer Frida. I feel like Frida is familiar in the states, though uncommon, and spelling Frieda would cause her name to be misspelled and mispronounced often. Despite being spelled differently, I’m happy it sounds the same as a German name.

I also like that Frida looks like Friday. That could maybe be a fun nickname. If not, I still like it because, well, who doesn’t love Friday? A day filled with anticipation for the weekend and lots of fun! And lastly that I like it’s similarity to the word “freedom”.

Name of the Day: Runa

The feminine form of Norse name Rune, Runa means “secret lore”. What a fun, mysterious definition! It’s also a Japanese name meaning “platinum moon”. For a 4 letter, 2 syllable name, I think it is extraordinarily beautiful and surprisingly uncommon.

Usually when I do Name of the Day I’m surprised by how much history I can find on names I consider uncommon. Runa has given me the exact opposite experience. Nameberry doesn’t even have it in their system! So if you’re looking for a name that people won’t have previous associations with, Runa is your girl!

Here is the little that I did find. Upon Googleing Runa, you will find a lot of tea! Apparently Runa LLC is a beverage company that makes and sells tea and energy drinks. It actually seems like a really good company that is giving back the Amazonian people. So you may run into people that say oh hey, I drink a tea named Runa!

Fairy Navigator Runa is an anime novel about a 4th grade klutz with special powers. Runa is also a band that plays Celtic music mixed with folk, jazz and other modern music…. which certainly sounds intriguing. Runa Laila is one of the most popular singers in South Asia. 

Big thanks to Behind The Name and Wikipedia, and though Nameberry didn’t have this particular name on file, I do use them often. In case anyone is wondering my process of finding info out about these names…. I usually start at Behind the Name, their definitions and origins are typically the most accurate. I love their namesake tab but also their comments section gives me lots of good ideas! Then I usually use Wikipedia to find more information about the specifics of anything I find that intrigues me. Nameberry usually has an even bigger Namesake section so I usually stumble over their before I close things up to make sure there’s nobody super intriguing I missed!