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Name of the Day: Evander

An ancient Greek name meaning “good man”. I think this name is strong and handsome… But worry it’s too associated with Evander Holyfield. He may be a lovely person, I don’t know. I have no interest in boxing, so with him being such a strong association for many, it’s probably not the perfect name for my son. But if boxing is your thing, I recommend it. And if it’s not but you think you can get past the Holyfield association, there have been other influential bearers of the name.

Evander of Pallene founded the city of Pallantium, which would later be Rome. He also started the Lupercalia festival, which rids the city of evil spirits, cleanses the villagers and making them healthy and fertile.

Evander is also the name of an ancient Greek philosopher, a sculptor and more. I love the nickname Van! LOVE!! Evan is another good nickname, as is Ander.

Name of the Day: Phaedra

Told you I’d be back with some longer “Fay” names! (Click here if you missed Fay as a standalone.) This name means bright and I pronounce it “Fay-druh” as that’s how I’ve always heard it. But it appears “Fed-druh” and “Fee-druh” are accurate too. All pretty!

Typically being a name from mythology is a bonus for me, but Phaedra’s story in Greek mythology is quite sad. She kills herself after Aphrodite causes her to fall in love with her stepson, Hippolytos, who rejects her. So, points for being an ancient mythological name but… it does make my heart sad.

Tangerine Dream has an album and a 17 minute song “Phaedra”. She is also mentioned in the song “Velvet Morning” by Nancy Sinatra.