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Sesame Street Party Food

Lucille turns 2 in a few days and we celebrated Sunday by having our families over for pizza and Sesame Street snacks. It was so fun!! Lucille was so excited to see everyone. So excited that she didn’t want to stop playing long enough to open presents. And when she did finally open them, she was most excited about reading the cards. It made my heart smile.

Anyways, I made Elmo cupcakes and Lucille loved them more than anything!! It made me feel so good to see her enjoy something that I made so much. I think I’m going to try to make fun snacks more often.


Ingredients for Elmo cupcakes:

Red velvet cake mix (and everything needed according to the mix)

Red cupcake wrappers

Red frosting

Black gel

White chocolate circles

Peanut m&ms

York peppermint patties (or reeses)

Make red velvet cupcakes in red wrappers according to package instructions. Let them cool completely and then frost them. This is the best thing about these cupcakes, the messier you frost them, the better! It just looks like fur. Put 2 chocolate circles next to each other at the top of each cupcake and then with the black gel place a dot in the center of each circle. Directly below put an orange m&m in the center of the cupcake for his nose. Lastly, cut 12 peppermint patties or reeses in half and place a half at the bottom of the cupcake for the mouth.

I should mention, I only made 23 elmos and left 1 with just red frosting. I thought putting 2 candles in elmos face for Lucille to blow out might be traumatizing.

We also arranged our veggies to look like Oscar the grouch, which Lucille loved, but didn’t eat nearly as well. It was easy: broccoli for his fur, black olives for his mouth and baby carrots for his unibrow. And for his eyes 2 cups of ranch dressing with an olive in each one.


And just because I’m a proud mommy, here’s a couple pictures of Lucille enjoying her birthday party.

Reading her cards very carefully

Reading her cards very carefully

She loooved Red Velvet cake!

She loooved Red Velvet cake!

Once all the other guests left she fell asleep in her Grammie's arms.

Once all the other guests left she fell asleep in her Grammie’s arms.