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Name of the Day: June

The name June comes from the month of June, and the month of June comes from the goddess Juno, meaning youth. The goddess was the protector of marriage, women… and finances.

To me June is a simple but romantic name. June is the month Peter and I got married. My first association with the name June is June Carter Cash. <3

The list of influential Junes in history is quite long. Here are my favorites that I found:

June Jordan was a Caribbean American writer and activist who spoke out about issues of race and LBGT rights.
June Mathis was a very accomplished screenwriter and Hollywood executive in the 1910s and 20s. She was the highest paid executive, which is hard for a woman to accomplish today. I can’t imagine how hard she worked to achieve that 100 years ago. Oh, and she was only 35.
My love for dance compels me to include June Taylor, a famous choreographer
June Tabor is a folk singer. I listened to her on YouTube and wow she has a lovely voice.
Two opera singers have the name June: Bronhill and Anderson.

I also associate June with the fictional Junie B. Jones, my favorite book series when I was young. My mom and I read Junie B. Jones every night before bed. It’s also one of my positive associations with the name Lucille. (Even though the character Lucille is a total brat… still, it’s happy memories reading with my mom!)

Flaming June is a beautiful painting by Frederic Leighton.

Lastly, the nickname June Bug fits in with our family well since we already have a Honey Bea and Lemon.

Like I mentioned with Fay, I’m not sure a one syllable name will work well for us… but it’s so sweet, it’s worth consideration. I also know of a few longer versions that I’ll dive into eventually.