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Name of the Day: Miriam

The meaning of Miriam is quite disputed. In our culture most consider it a Hebrew name that is the first variation of Mary. Mary and Miriam have several theories regarding their origins. The most published definition is “bitter” but I believe it’s actually “beloved”. If Miriam were originally a Hebrew name bitterness would apply as “mr” in Hebrew is bitter. “yam” is sea. So in Hebrew the name means sea of bitterness. However, there is evidence (inscriptions in the pyramids) that the Egyptians had used the names before the Hebrews. It was adopted by the Hebrews to fit into the Egyptian culture. (Similar to if if someone immigrated to America today and named their child Sofia to fit in with our culture.) Many Egyptian names back then included “mr” as it means loved. Another possible Egyptian translation is “Mirror of God”.

Though I don’t consider Miriam to be Hebrew in origin, it’s history in the Bible and Torah is significant. As Moses’ sister she led the women out of Egypt and taught them the Torah, just Moses did for the men. From the time she was a very young girl she also assisted in delivering babies and sparing the lives of the boys that the Pharaoh decreed were supposed to be killed. When her father and other men began divorcing their wives for fear of having male sons, Miriam convinced them to remarry. She also told her parents that they’d give birth to Moses, who would save them all and she’s the one who saved him by putting him in a basket and then helped the Pharaoh’s daughter care for him when he was found. Though I was brought up Catholic, I am no longer part of organized religion. However, I do still find certain stories and characters in holy texts inspirational. Miriam is definitely one of my favorites! In recent decades Miriam has been seen as a symbol of feminism within Jewish communities.

Miriam Makeba was a singer, activist and, well… pretty much everything. Known by some as Mama Africa her life is extremely fascinating and inspiring. She wasn’t expected to survive birth, spent the first 6 months of her life living in a jail, her father died when she was young and she was married at 17 to a man who beat her. None of this stopped her from achieving international fame, but fame got her exiled from her home in South Africa, where her family still resided. It was at this point she began speaking out about the white minority government in Africa. There’s no way I can do justice to her in this blog post. She was talented, brave, confident and she also provided the world with amazing music. She stayed true to herself and her culture instead of trying to fit into the mold of the successful artists of the time. By exposing the world to her African style, she opened their minds to discuss moral and political issues as well. She spoke to the United Nations twice and was involved in many political movements and performances. She says she didn’t sing about politics, she sang about the truth and of her own life.

Miriam Leslie was an author, publisher, aristocrat and woman’s suffrage supporter. She was born to a noble family but was never given much in terms of “love and merriment” as she said herself. In the late 1860s the editor of Frank Leslie’s Lady’s Magazine became ill. She volunteered to take over the job while forfeiting the salary to the sick editor. When he died, she took over permanently and this of how she came to marry Frank Leslie. When Frank died she took over the magazine, immediately making it more successful. When she died she left her money to Carrie Chapman Catt for the woman’s suffrage movement.

Speaking of publishing, Miriam Goldberg also took over her husbands publication, Intermountain Jewish News. Under her leadership the paper began to take controversial stands. Miriam believed in presenting all sides of the issues that they covered, something I feel very strongly should always be done.

Miriam Rivera is a transgender TV personality that has starred in several reality shows and has been a pioneer for the transgender community. Her courage to be herself has helped normalize lives of transgender people to those who have no similar experiences within their own lives. She has never had gender the reassignment surgery because she loves and accepts her body as is. (I’m not at all against gender reassignment surgery, I think each individual should have the body they ate most comfortable in. But I do think her acceptance of herself is inspiring.)

Miriam Yalan-Shteklis was a talented children’s poet who’s works taught lessons without preaching, didn’t always dissolve adults of all blame (as most literature for children do) and showed children expressing a wide range of emotions, not just a happy ending. Similarly, Miriam Roth wrote books now considered children’s book classics and was a pioneer for preschool education in Israel. Several other Miriams have also had success writing for adults. Miriam Ben-Porat was the first female Supreme Court Judge in Isreal and the first female State Comptroller, a role in which she was extremely successful and had a very positive influence. Several other singers, Olympic athletes and actresses bear the name. So, I’d definitely there are very strong feminine role models associated with this name, a big perk for me when choosing names!

Miriam is also the name of the title character in a short story by Truman Capote. Is the story any good? I don’t know. What’s it about? I don’t know. I didn’t read anything about it because Truman Capote is one of my favorite writers so I’d like to read the story very soon.

Adorable nicknames include: Mira, Miri, Mim, Mia, Ria, Mimi… and Meerkat!

I’m Someone’s Mom

Monday night my mom called around 5:00 requesting I come help her for a couple hours. If it was almost anyone else requesting my help I would have explained that the kids hadn’t eaten dinner, it was bath night and I had several things to do for the radio station. But, as it was my Mom, I asked my husband if he minded, and I left. My Mom means everything to me, she does so much for me, and she rarely asks for anything in return. So, when she does, I don’t even give a 2nd thought to helping her.

After 3 or 3.5 hours away I returned to my kids just in time to kiss Lucille good night and bring Lennon up to bed. I missed them. And as I lay in Lennon’s bed trying to get him down for the night I heard Lucille giving Peter a hard time. Repeatedly I heard her request me. And though I should have been frustrated when I came down stairs and saw Peter gave up and let her wait for me, I wasn’t. I was so touched that she missed me so much in those few hours. I was more than happy to bring her to bed myself, even though it was late.

When Lucille was born I remember being blown away by the immediate love I felt for her. It was like when the Grinch’s heart grows 3 sizes. I met this tiny person who I already loved so much, and just seeing her made me experience a love so much stronger than what I already felt, unlike anything I could have ever imagined. In that moment I was in awe as I realized how much my Mother loved me. I never knew a parent child relationship from the other end and I couldn’t believe the new rush of emotions I was feeling.

In the moment that I snuggled Lucille to sleep on Monday night a new realization hit me. She loves me as much as I love my Mom. My Mom, who has been without a doubt the most influential person in my life. Who has taught me to be kind and brave, taught me right from wrong, and always been by my side. Like the love I have for my kids, I feel a different kind of love for my Mom. A love that I don’t feel towards anyone else. She has been and will always be the person I turn to when I need advice, the person I run to when I have exciting news, the person I lean on when I am at my lowest point. And I get to be that to these 2 precious little people!! And, yes, I’ve been a Mom for almost 3 years so on most levels I realized this before. But something about my Monday night snuggles, I realized the extent to how important I am in their lives and how treasured I am in their hearts. And it made me melt. And I wanted to keep snuggling her for about a decade!

My Mom’s wedding day last summer.


Love Your Spouse Challenge

After I did the ordinary life challenge I couldn’t say no to the love your spouse challenge. Every day I am so grateful that Peter came into my life, so how could I pass up an opportunity to look back through old pictures and send some loving thoughts to him? So here’s my 7 days of love notes and memories with Peter:

Day 1: This picture is one of Peter’s favorites. Taken at the Chamber of Commerce dinner that we attended back when I first started working at the radio station! We never take pictures together so it was a pleasant surprise when Carlson’s was there taking pictures of everyone as they walked in. Peter’s not usually a fan of fancy dinners with strangers. But he was proud to come to this one with me as I started my new career. Always my biggest supporter whatever I decide to do!


Day 2: I wanted to start with this picture… but I had no idea where to find it. So I had to go back to the pictures that were tagged of me in 2010. This is the first picture of me and Peter together! It’s Thanksgiving Eve and Peter and I had been dating about a month. We went to a bar and I met many of his friends that night. The next day we we went and celebrated Thanksgiving separately with our own families. We said Thanksgiving wasn’t a big holiday and didn’t see the point in dragging each other to our own celebrations. Thanksgiving night I remember going to bed and missing him. I realized for the first time that night that I loved him and that I wanted to spend every holiday and every normal day with him.

Tgiving Eve 2010

Day 3: I’m not sure if I’m allowed to use pictures with other people so I’m including pictures of us alone that night as well as a group picture… because the whole group is what made this a truly special memory for us as a couple. Peter and I met at a Halloween party. By the next Halloween he was so much a part of my family that he was asked to be Peter Pan in my sister’s family Halloween group costume and I was Wendy. It makes me so happy that not only did I fall for Peter quickly but so did my family. Thank you to my family for seeing how happy Peter made me, believing in our relationship and including him as part of our crazy family from the very beginning. Peter, thank you for knowing that being with me means being with my family and taking the time to get to know them so that you could love them as much as I do.

1469625547259Day 4: This picture was taken at the CPP Year End Party in 2011. Peter and I had been dating about 3 months. This is the night of our first fight. I remember it very clearly because when we were arguing I asked if he wanted to break up. It didn’t seem like a silly question to me because every man/boy in my life up to that point has left at the very first sign of trouble. But it seemed like a silly question to Peter, he laughed in my face. And that ended the fight. And not once since then has there even been any mention of us not being a couple. In that moment that Peter laughed at me, I felt so safe and so loved. And I’ve felt that way every moment of every day since then.
CPP2011Day 5: Peter is the best travel buddy I’ve ever had!! Together we’ve gone to Cleveland, Washington DC, Connecticut, Ocean City (MD), Dominican Republic, Florida and Chicago (and probably more). If you’re thinking to yourself I had no idea they took all those trips, that’s because I always bring a camera on our trips but then I never remember to take pictures. But it’s because we’re too busy having fun! Thank you Peter for coming along with me as I try to see as much of the world as possible. I know you’d probably rather stay at home and brew some beer, but you know travel is important to me and you’re always a good sport about it!
This picture is us on our way to Chicago for our honeymoon! We went by train…. which was… interesting! But, we LOOOVED Chicago, we agree it’s our favorite US city. We went there on our honeymoon because we both wanted to see it but thought once we had kids it wasn’t a place we’d want to bring them to. We loved it so much we can’t wait to go back and bring the kids! Haha


Day 6: I figured maybe I should include a picture of the day Peter became my spouse! I can’t believe it’s been over 3 years since Peter and I got married. It seems like just yesterday but also like forever ago all at the same time. Our wedding day was so much fun and I feel so blessed to have been surrounded by so many of our loved ones. But mostly I feel so glad that we chose to take this journey together and spend our lives as husband and wife. I’ve dreamed of my wedding day since I was a little girl, but never did I imagine one as perfect as the one we had! Because I got to marry this man, and I could have never imagined a love so great!
Oh and Peter, even though you’re the world’s worst dancer (seriously, though) I’m happy to dance all my dances with you!


Day 7 of Love Your Spouse: I thoroughly enjoyed the walk down memory lane these last 6 days. Though I appreciate Peter every day, it was good to take the time to write down some of the reasons. The memories are priceless and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. But even more than the past, I love where Peter and I are in the present! This picture is us last night with our 2 babies. Peter is the best Dad I could have chosen for my little loves. He is fun, kind, patient and so much more! We are having such a blast raising these babies, they make us laugh every day as they grow and learn and develop their own personalities. They are the most loving babies I know and I like to think it’s because they are being raised in a home with tons of love surrounding them. I am so grateful and proud of the life we’ve built and so excited to see what the future has in store for us!



The Scary Thing About Baby #2


If you’re a mother you know that when you meet your first baby your heart grows bigger than you ever imagined was possible. This little baby becomes your whole world, means more to you than anything ever has. You truly feel as though you could explode with love. It’s such an overwhelming feeling you feel as though it must be a once in a lifetime thing, you’ll never be able to feel a love like this ever again.

And then it’s time for baby #2. And you know you shouldn’t be worried that you won’t love #2 the same. Everyone says they worried but once the baby came, they loved him or her just as much. You believe them, but you also just don’t understand how it’s possible.

Then it happens. Your heart feels as though it’ll burst all over again because you’re so in love. And then it gets better. You see these 2 kids, your whole world, love each other! And that’s really the best feeling in the world!

So what’s the scary part? Besides being responsible for 2 little lives… Now that you’ve realized you can feel this love repeatedly and witnessed the love that you’re adding to their lives… you want to do it again and again.

Seriously, I feel as if I’ve been dreaming about baby #3 since we brought Lennon home. Even after my hardest, most exhausting days with just my 2 kids, I fall asleep thankful to have them and looking forward to the day I give them a little brother or sister.

Maybe it’s because we’ve always wanted 3 kids and now that we’re 2/3 of the way there it’s natural to think about being the “complete family” we’ve talked about for years. But if I’m being honest I’m scared I’m addicted to this feeling. And even though logically I still want 3…  I’m afraid it’ll be hard to accept that once #3 arrives. (Not that #3 will arrive anytime soon.)

Or maybe I’m just insane and the only one who feels this way…