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Monthly Date Night

I love my kids more than anything. But being home with them 24/7 has made me realize that an occasional break from them makes me a better, more patient mommy. This is why we now have a strict monthly date night.

When I was pregnant with Lucille I told Peter I wanted to ensure we had one date every month. Between having Lucille and Lennon we went on 2 dates I believe, that’s 14 dates short of a monthly date night. But the last 10 months we’ve gotten back on track.

Our date nights haven’t been fancy. Usually dinner at a casual restaurant. A couple weddings. And it hasn’t cost us much money either, because we’ve asked for restaurant gift certificates for our birthday and Christmas presents from our families.


An even cheaper date night (which we haven’t done yet but want to soon) would be to just send the kids to visit family and staying home to cook dinner and maybe watch a Netflix show together.

Peter and I take turns picking date night each month, which is kind of fun. His months are more likely to include beer and/or tacos, whereas mine are usually whatever we have a gift card for.

Monthly date nights aren’t a clever, new idea. But if you don’t do them, I highly suggest you try them out. The adult only time with my husband not only recharges my batteries to make me a better mother, it also gives us something to look forward to together. We usually start planning our next date night as soon as we finish one. It’s fun to get away every few weeks and just enjoy each other’s company, eat a meal without having a cat jump on the table or a child cry for a peanut butter sandwich… to feel like something other than just a mom and dad one night of the month. Even though, being a mom and dad is our very favorite roll and we usually spend most of our night talking about the kids anyway.