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Our 3 Year Anniversary

On our wedding day, Peter and I were obviously in many pictures. I told him every year on our anniversary I wanted to take a picture of our family and add it to a picture album so I can flip through it when I’m old and watch how we grew and changed over time. It’s crazy how much we’ve changed already.
IMG_8300 (2)
Our wedding day was beautiful. Beautiful weather, on a beautiful lake, surrounded by beautiful friends and family. I was so excited to start the rest of my life with Peter, who I had loved since the moment I met him. I loved him more and more every day we were together and by our wedding I thought I loved him as much as anyone could love another. I’ve since seen him become a father and must admit, I was wrong, as my love for him has grown even more.
We clearly wasted no time trying to start a family. Lucille was 3 months and 1 day old on our first anniversary. We celebrated by bringing her to the Club where we got married. Look how tiny she is!!!
And we clearly wasted no time expanding our family. I was 33 weeks and 5 days pregnant with Lennon by our 2nd anniversary. After we spent the day working (Peter at his job, me babysitting) we dropped Lucille off with Peter’s parents and had dinner just the two of us at the Club. Look how big I am, haha!
For our 3rd anniversary Peter took the day off and we had a fun family day! We went to a local park that has not just your typical playground and such, but a splash park too! I was so excited to bring the kids and get our annual family picture. I dressed the kids and myself in matching bathing suits and Peter dressed himself in something that didn’t clash so I figured it was good enough… between the kids being, well, the kids and my Dad not being able to figure out how to work my camera, this is the only family picture we got at the park. I think it represents our life pretty perfectly right now, the kids are doing their thing, Peter is clueless, and I’m pretending I am in control of the situation. Anyways, it was a great day, we went out to eat, Peter and I finally watched our 3 year old wedding video and we dropped the kids off with his parents and had a couple drinks at the Club!

Lucille has recently discovered the photo album I started with these pictures. She’s obsessed with it! I hope my kids will always love this photo album and that we can look at it together for years to come.