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Excuse me while I brag

Being a mom is the most rewarding experience, but it is also hard. Really hard. At the end of most days I feel that I haven’t been as good of a Mother as my kids deserve. I vow every night to be a better Mom the next day. And it’s a vow I will keep making because we can always be better. But it’s also important for Mothers to give themselves credit for the good things they’ve done for their children, their positive influences and their victories. And that’s what this post is, because yesterday, I felt like I was actually rocking this Mom thing.

Lucille and Lennon love each other so much. He loves watching her and she loves entertaining him and giving him smooches. But yesterday they were actually playing together. Lennon wasn’t just watching, he was interacting with her. Actually, he was pulling her hair! Which she thought was hilarious. They just laid next to each other for 10 minutes. He’d pull her hair and they’d both laugh, then she’d tickle his belly and they’d both laugh. It made me so happy! I realized I must be doing something right to be raising such loving, fun, interactive children. (And yes I’m aware that 2 years from now I will be constantly complaining that Lennon won’t stop pulling his sister’s hair!)
Yesterday was also Lennon’s 4 month wellness visit. There are no words to describe how badly I was dreading this appointment. Last time I took them both to the doctor’s Lucille would not stop emptying the contents of every single drawer and cupboard in the patient room. And I was having a heck of a time stopping her while feeding Lennon. I was so embarrassed and scared that the doctor would walk in while all the hospital gowns and gloves were covering the floor! But this time I brought just the right snacks, books and toys to distract her. All 3 of us had to get shots and both my babies were comforted very quickly. Plus Lennon is meeting all his milestones and has been given the okay to start solids.
I’m also proud of the interest Lucille has taking in books lately. For awhile when I was reading to Lucille I felt like she couldn’t care less. I love how energetic she is, but I was worried she was too busy to sit down and listen to stories. So I would just read them anyways as she ran around the room. And now she often sits and listens for a good chunk of the book. She even reads to herself while I am busy.

I swear she really does look at the book when I walk away… but when mommy tries to take a picture… not so much!


So tonight, when you go to bed, don’t beat yourself up for being short with your toddler, or running out of bread so you couldn’t make her peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Think about the lovely person your baby or babies are becoming. Your influence is what is making them flourish. Good job, Mommy!