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Name of the Day: Redmond

Redmond/ Redmund is the (anglicized) Irish form of Raymond, which means advice protector. Originally I thought Redmund was the accurate Anglicization…. but I found more history on Redmond. I think both are correct, though I’m feeling the O spelling more…. but am too lazy to change the picture I already made. I like the name as it would be a shout out to Peter’s grandfather, who everyone knew as Red.

The two most famous Redmonds have the surname, O’Hanlon. Born in 1640, the first was an outlaw, often referred to as a real life Robin Hood. He was a clever man who’s tricks supposedly included reversing his horses shoes to confuse his trackers and dressing himself and all he traveled with in reversible jackets. They would flip their jackets to the red side when passing by crowds so those they passed would think they were part of the army. Of course, his tale was not as black and white as Disney’s Robin Hood, in which the sly fox is the obvious good guy. But that just makes Redmond’s story all the more interesting. So many details are uncertain about his life, I guess that means I can use my imagination and decide what kind of person I want him to have been. 😉

The second Redmond O’Hanlon was named after the outlaw. However, his accomplishments have been very different, though equally intriguing. A scholar and writer, this Redmond has traveled extensively and written of some of his journeys. He has also contributed to several works about Charles Darwin. A true adventurer and a scholar, all in one.