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Potty Training Continued

After I posted my article about taking it slow something remarkable happened. We took it fast. Completely on accident! I followed Lucille’s lead and she was ready to hit the ground running! But then… there was regression…and more progress… and more regression. It was a bumpy road, but only think we made it!

Days 1 & 2 were a blur and were what I spoke about in the above article.

Day 3 we moved a child’s potty into the living room and continued trying to go every 20-30 minutes, without a timer telling us we needed to go that very second. It was much more relaxing this way as Lennon was being entertained and Lucille could watch TV, talk to her brother, even play with little people while sitting on the potty. She’d sometimes sit there for quite awhile before she actually went, but she didn’t seem to mind being there. We had several accidents but also many successes!

Day 4 accidents continued. After one accident I was bringing her dirty clothes to the laundry and she put herself on the potty and actually peed. She was so happy when I walked back in the room. She was yelling “Mommy I did it! I did it!” Then she stood up and started dancing around the potty. Then after every accident I started putting her on the potty and found she usually stopped herself mid-accident and still had plenty for the potty.

Day 5: She didn’t want anything to do with the potty first thing in the morning, so I let her wear a diaper for a little bit. We tried to go up to every 45 minutes in the morning, had a couple small accidents. So, we decided to drop it back down to every 30-35 minutes and we were accident free noon until bedtime.

Day 6: Lucille woke up with a barely wet diaper. She was ready to pee right away! We started going potty upstairs again in a toilet seat that sits on our toilet. She went every 45 minutes in the morning, every hour in the afternoon. At quarter to 2, 15 minutes before I was going to set her on the potty, SHE ASKED TO GO! And peed as soon as I put her on the potty. This was one of the proudest moments of my life! We ventured outside of the house for a walk around the block. She didn’t have any accidents until evening time when she was exhausted!! (If you don’t count the tiny bit of pee from night time, she made it about 32 hours without an accident.)

Day 7: We enjoyed another walk around the block but were still too scared to take her too far away from home. At this point I realized every single accident she’s had in the past couple days had been when no adults were in the room. She will ask to go potty if an adult is nearby, but she doesn’t care enough to track one down. Obviously, I decided that I would not be leaving her side anymore.

Day 8: We spent all day at her grandparent’s house. No accidents there!! (Though had some in the morning when I was out of the room again… so much for never leaving her side, eh?)

Day 9: No accidents all day! Holy cow, we did this!!

Day 10: In the morning she tried to poop on the potty and it wouldn’t come. About 10 minutes later she pooped her pants. I think she honestly thought she was tooting. This happened again in the afternoon. However, she also went on two 45 minute car rides, and had a trip to the park where there was no bathroom, and no accidents resulting from this! I chalked it up to not being able to tell the difference between toots and poops yet.

Day 11: I woke up with an upset tummy and I’m quite certain Lucille did too. She had more accidents on Day 11 than any of the 5 previous days. I’m not going to lie, it’s frustrating to feel like you’re going backwards. But the girl just learned the potty basics, how is she supposed to keep her shit together (literally) when her stomach starts acting crazy. I saw this day as a reminder that we’ve come really far, but she’s still learning, and there will still be difficult days. Even on this day, we went and played with cousins for several hours, and even though she was running around playing, having a blast, she only had one accident in the time she was there. And no accidents after we left there, which is great considering how exhausted she was.

Since Day 11 she has had only 1 pee pee accident, but she continued pooping in her pants until Day 28. It was a long few weeks changing poopy underwear. And it was confusing because days 1-9 she would always poop on the potty, it was the pees she was having trouble controlling. But I knew it was a common problem. I tried to be understanding but consistent. “That’s okay, you just had an accident. next time if you tell Mommy you need to poopy, you can do it on the potty and it won’t be so messy!” I tried to look on the bright side instead of dwelling on the poop set back. Day 15, for example, was huge! That’s the day she started calling for me from the other room to tell me she had to go, aka the day I got my life back!

YAY!! No accidents for over a week!!

Lucille has worn underwear throughout almost all of this process. At night I still put her in a diaper, and in the first week of potty training I tried to put her in one if I thought she was about to take a nap. There are 2 reasons we switched to underwear right away. 1. I thought big girl undies would be exciting for her. and 2. I thought the feel of a wet diaper would bother enough to encourage her going on the toilet.

I think I’m going to continue putting a diaper on her at night for quite some time. 75% of mornings she wakes up totally dry… but I don’t care about trying to stop the accidents the other 25% of the time. She wakes up at night a lot, and I know when I wake in the night it makes me have to pee. Call me crazy, but when she wakes in the night, I want her back to sleep ASAP. (Perhaps because I have another little one waking up several times a night.) I currently don’t feel the need to wake her up further by stripping her clothes off and making her sit on a porcelain toilet seat. I’ll get her night trained by college though, don’t you worry! 😉

The last thing we need to work on is her fear of “falling in”. The children’s potties we’ve been using have been a great training tool… but her dependence on them makes her scared of regular sized toilets. We are going on an 8 day road trip in about a month so… the sooner she gets over this fear, the better. Otherwise I’ll be carrying around a princess potty our whole vacation.