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Expecting #3

I just realized I never announced on the blog that we’re expecting #3 in May! We’re all so excited to meet the final member of our family. Here’s a look at our journey so far:

One Friday night Lucille and Lennon slept literally worse than they’ve ever slept before. And they are always terrible sleepers. This night they literally were up for about 4.5 hours laughing and jumping on beds and chanting with crazy amounts of energy. Peter and I were¬† unamused. Peter worked in the morning.

While Peter was at work I decided to take a pregnancy test. We’d been trying a couple months and I didn’t think it was going to be our month… and I thought, maybe after last night a negative test won’t be as sad for me as it was last month. So, cue the positive.

On about 0 hours of sleep, I was still obviously overjoyed. I promised Lucille she’d be the first to know when Mommy had a baby in her belly (several friends of ours were expecting so she was asking frequently when a baby would be in my belly). I shared the news with both kids and told them we’d give Daddy a present to let him know when he came home.

Side note, both other pregnancies I found out while Peter was still sleeping. I woke him up sincerely confused when I found out about Lucille because it was a faint line and I didn’t know what that meant and I had to go out of town to be in a wedding and wouldn’t see him for a couple days and was all sorts of WHAT DO I DO!?!? And he fell back asleep. And with Lennon I woke him up, again, all sorts of confused, because Lennon was an oopsie condom baby! At least he stayed awake that time… but I was hoping to tell him a bit nicer this last time!

So, I got out a onsie I had made at my cousins house a month and a half prior that read “Repete”. Peter and I joked that we would combine our names and name our last little one Repete. It’s unisex! Don’t worry! We are not really naming our child this!! The kids gave it to him when he got home and he was definitely surprised!

I felt fine for the first couple weeks after we found out. On our way back from Sesame Place, September 24th, I was feeling sick. I blamed all the travel. But it never went away! I think this 1st trimester was my worst one yet. With Lucille I puked several times a day. But after I got sick, I felt better. When I started feeling bad again, I’d puke shortly after, and feel better. With Lennon I puked about once a day, but other than that, I didn’t feel too sick. With this one… I puked 1-3 times a day, but it left me with no feeling of relief. Pure misery. Until probably week 16 or so…

2nd trimester I’ve been really dizzy. Then I got the flu and a sinus infection, not totally pregnancy related. But it lasted nearly 3 weeks. Since then, I’ve just had bad headaches. Luckily I had bad headaches in my 2nd trimester with Lennon and my doctor told me to start drinking caffeine. (I’ve never been a caffeine drinker so I protested and told him I didn’t want to start during pregnancy, when most caffeine drinkers are cutting back! But he explained any headache medicine he could give me would have massive amounts of caffeine in it. And other stuff. So if we could cure it with just the caffeine, it’s the safest thing for me and baby.) A couple days after these headaches started I began drinking a caffeinated tea every morning and a glass or 2 of diet Pepsi in the afternoon. Keeps them away pretty well! But now my fatigue is even worse, because on top of the pregnancy fatigue I have a crash from the caffeine wearing off… oh well! Pick your battles.

The baby’s sex: Way back when I was pregnant with Lucille, Peter and I said we both had a hunch we’d have 2 girls and a boy. So, after Lennon, I always pictured #3 as another little girl. But once I got pregnant that hunch kind of went away. I had no idea who was growing inside me!

Everyone (except my friend Lauren) thought it was a girl. I found myself saying “she” more often than “he” (probably out of habit because for years I thought I’d have 2 girls). But when we went for our dating ultrasound I had this strong sense of “there he is.” I brushed it aside and kept flip flopping back and forth between if I thought it was a boy or girl.

Another side note, at just 8 weeks we could see this baby moving like crazy! Boy or girl, we already knew #3 would be active like his or her older siblings. And I felt baby moving very early too, Peter was able to feel movement from the outside by about 15 weeks.

December 23rd was our anatomy scan. First off we found out I had an anterior placenta, making the early movements I felt even more incredible. Baby continued to show us how very active he or she is. The tech showed Peter the sex, but I didn’t want to know yet. Peter and Santa wrapped up a present (a bunch of onsies) for me and the kids to open Christmas morning. The present revealed its a BOY!!!!

I did tell Peter about a week before the anatomy scan that in general terms when I thought of our 3rd kid I thought girl. When I focused on the life growing inside my uterus, feeling movements or just holding my belly and talking to the baby, in those moments I felt it was a boy. So I guess I thought girl the weeks leading up to our discovery… but felt boy. If that makes any sense.

At the beginning of our pregnancy Lucille was very adamant that she wanted a sister. I was a little scared about how she’d react if we turned out to be pregnant with a boy. But, she seemed happy just to know. And Lennon seems totally ambivalent about all of it. Lucille keeps saying “I love my brother. And soon I’m going to have 2 brothers!” and “I take such good care of Lennon, Mommy is going to have another brother for me!”

So, we’re all happy, we’re all excited. And we’ve all got a bunch to do around the house, bad sleep habits to break and potty training to work on before baby #3 gets here!