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Name of the Day: Darwin

Meaning “dear friend” I find Darwin to be such a sweet and warm name. I love the nicknames D, Dar and Winnie. And it ranks in the 800s for popularity, so a Darwin is unlikely to have classmates with the same name.

Most commonly associated with the naturalist Charles Darwin, this name is perfect for a family with a passion for science. Or a family without it, as he’s still an amazing namesake.

Darwin published his theory of evolution in 1859. As this theory is still very controversial for those with certain religious beliefs, my biggest fear using the name was that it would be seen as an anti religious statement. However, I don’t think most would see it that way and frankly, those who do would be showing their ignorance as Darwin himself was very religious.

As I see it you can believe one thing with your head and another with your heart. Darwin’s theory was scientific, based on evidence and logic. You can agree with his findings and admire his determination in putting everything together in a logical sense without disregarding the creation story you believe in your heart and soul. I don’t think you need to understand why there may he a disconnect between the two. There’s often a disconnect between facts and feelings, how you logically see a situation and how you can’t help but feel about it. The world isn’t black and white. There’s a lot of grey. And a lot that can’t be understood. But that doesn’t mean you dismiss it. I don’t think Darwin meant to insult any religious beliefs by connecting logical evidence to provide a different theory of origins.

Charles Darwin was obviously very smart, motivated and hard working. The biggest reason I consider Charles Darwin to be a worthy namesake though is his sense of justice. The reason Charles Darwin set out to prove evolution was to prove once and for all that all human beings have the same origin. This was for the purpose of racial equality. He thought proving that regardless of skin color we all have the same ancestors, would help us to live in harmony.

An uncommon name that symbolizes intelligence and social justice… what more can you ask for?