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Tummy Bug Diet

In my 22 months as a mother I’ve been very lucky to not have to deal with any stomach bug… until last night. And Lucille is just like her mommy, when she gets sick she gets sick hard and fast!! She got sick at 5 pm, puked 10 times by 8:30 & was in bed by 9. But not for good… she woke up dry heaving around 10:30. Then at midnight insisted on going downstairs where she drank water, then puked twice more. She was in bed for good a little after 2 and slept til 7:30.¬†Today she’s only gotten sick once. I know she’s feeling somewhat better but she’s not 100% and it breaks my heart. She’s napping at the moment so maybe she’ll awake her cheery self.

The worst part about having a sick baby is they don’t understand. When she’s vomiting she has no idea what’s happening to her body! I try to give her a bowl to aim into but this confuses her further. She either runs while getting sick, getting it everywhere. Or she hugs me or daddy.

She also doesn’t understand why she can’t have milk. It’s all she wants. And she keeps screaming for it! Which brings me to the point of this post. What can I give my honey Bea when she’s not feeling well?


Luckily I have a sister who has been a mom for 9 years. She told me this is what her kids eat until they are well enough to keep food down: Saltiness, rice, bananas, toast and applesauce. And to drink just water. And no matter what, no milk!!