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Changing Too Fast: Lucille Bea

Sometimes I wish there was a camera recording our lives so I could share some of Lucille’s comedy “routines” . Seriously, she has had Peter and I laughing so hard recently. She’s the funniest 2 year old I’ve ever met. No pictures I post can do her justice… but here are some any way.

Lucille has always liked to accessorize with hats, jewelry… whatever she can get in herself. Well, now she can dress herself in more… or at least she thinks she can… She’s also quite opinionated on the fashion of others. The other day I came downstairs in mismatched pajamas and she goes “Wow, momma! So cute!!” And grabbed my clothes.


She put this on and walked around for 10 minutes saying “so pretty!” It’s a shirt, with one of her arms through the neck hole, paired with pink striped shorts and yellow shorts.

Wearing her romper as a hood.

Wearing her romper as a hood.

Her musical “abilities” are expanding to. Below is a video from just a few weeks ago, her singing mostly nonsense into daddy’s microphone. Recently she’s begun repeating back songs she knows without being prompted. My favorite is “shake your booty!” Which sounds like “shake your poopy!” She gets so into it, shaking her little body all over the place and grabbing everyone’s hands and instructing them to “shake!”


Her caring heart has been expanding too. Whenever she finds something alarming, a loud noise, a sudden movement she makes sure everyone is okay. “Are you okay mommy?” “Lennon hurt, mommy?” These kind questions make my heart smile. And whenever someone sneezes she says “Bless you (insert name)” before the sneeze is even over. Usually followed by a loving pat on the back.

Peter is a big Buffalo Bills fan so Lucille has been brainwashed to be one as well. Whenever she sees the Bills logo she gets all excited and says “A Bill!!” And whenever anyone mentions football (or Fookball as she calls it) she hollers “Go Bills!”


She is obsessed beyond belief with our animals. One of her favorite activities is walking the dog, she loves to hold her leash all by herself. Whenever the cat is outside for more than half an hour she gets worried and we have to go to the door and shake treats and call “Dylan!” until he comes in again. And when he does come in she is SO HAPPY! She is very gentle with our dog and snuggles her so sweetly. The cat however lets her pick him up and pull at him and everything else, so she takes full advantage of it. She loves feeding them both too, her leftovers and their food…. they may be obese soon.

Feeding the cat... in Mommy's high heels that she wears every chance she gets.

Feeding the cat… in Mommy’s high heels that she wears every chance she gets.

“I Found it!” is her favorite phrase. ¬†And let me tell you, she usually is just stealing someone else’s glory. “I found it!” Usually means Mommy found it, or Daddy, or it just appeared, nobody was looking for it. I swear, sometimes she sends us out for a search party just so when the item in question is found she can scream “I found it! I found Elmo! I found it, I found it! Elmo, I found it!” And dance around and then just walk away from the toy without even picking it up for a single second.

She’s also obsessed with personal hygiene, which I suppose is a good thing. She’s constantly asking to wash her hands, brush her teeth and brush her hair. Great habits, but also somewhat annoying when she wants to carry toothbrushes around with her all day long. I tried to give her a toy toothbrush that she could play with that never would actually have toothpaste on it, but of course she demanded to really brush her teeth with it…. but come bedtime when I tell her it’s time to brush her teeth, it’s a no go. And when she gets out of the bath and I need to brush her hair, that’s a battle 50% of the time too. I’m certain these things just need to be her own idea.

I could go on and on about all the ways she makes me laugh and smile and cry tears of joy and sometimes frustration and sorrow. She seems like such a big kid recently and it’s so fun and so sad all at the same time. I think my favorite words to hear her say are “Mommy, snuggle me!” She is such a wound up ball of energy 95% of the day, but when she wants to sit still, she always wants to be held. I wish I could hold and snuggle her forever.